‘Inner Activism’ – Gratitude is the Master Key

Inner Activism’ – Gratitude is the Master Key Entertainment with a purpose, ActivismMedia.com shares the master key to inner activism – ‘Gratitude’


A mantra I speak softly to myself whenever I am in a moment or experience of suffering, is ‘Love, praise and gratitude!’ There is a silver lining in all things, like a sacred bond with our selves.


‘Pain is nature’s way of getting our attention!’
Joanna Macy


A wise man once told me, an ancient Tibetan story of how there are two forms of suffering in the world. The first, natural suffering: the death of a beloved, war, a divorce, loss, separation, etc.  The second form of suffering: drama, entirely optional and always as a result of not integrating experiences from the first form of suffering.


We suffer when we don’t get our way, when things don’t turn out the way we had planned them. When the Divine Will of God, our Reality, the Universe, Source, isn’t in alignment with our little will, we suffer!


Suffering is nature’s way of getting our attention so we can adjust our perspective, our path, our destiny, to become more in alignment with who we really are and the legacy we came here to leave behind. With this new perspective, suffering is Divine, sacred, and a natural process of discovering our true potential and gifts. Like a new mother giving birth, her body naturally contracts, to support the birthing process. Suffering does the same, it provides us with experiential contractions, in support of nudging us back onto our own life purpose’ birthing process.


How many years after a traumatic experience do we often look back and see the inherent blessings and gifts the crisis enriched our lives with… this is the same way with suffering. If you reach down and turn the manure, it becomes fertilizer and enriches your life.


How do we discover this rich, fertile, Garden of Eden within? Gratitude!


When we come to trust our reality and believe we are worthy of love, we are home in ourselves! This is where we know everything happening is on our behalf, even when it doesn’t appear as so. This is where we know Divinity is at play, where faith prevails, and where magic happens. This is where peace and love and joy abide! The master key is through ‘gratitude!’



Years ago, I met an amazing woman stewarding the message of gratitude, Stacey Robyn. She created a simple website where people could come to learn the basic principles of Gratitude, called GoGratitude. At GoGratitude you can access a 42-day message, free, in support of your own journey to healing, self-discovery, and for turning suffering into joy!





Stacey shares her own personal journey using Gratitude on her own path, in yearning to discover what her contribution to the world would be… what her ‘Inner Activism’ was? She soon discovered, ‘Gratitude!’ She began by intending a 42-day fast in contemplation and prayer for direction. ‘What could her life’s journey teach her about her own gifts, her own talents, and her own unique contribution in being a creative expression of joy in the world? If she could look at her experiences through the eyes of gratitude, would she be happy, at peace, in a continual space of love?’


She soon discovered riches beyond measure she was holding within her; an artist, an author, a presenter, a teacher, a healer, a mother, a partner, a beloved!



The first image that appeared to her, which she found herself whimsically doodling was this image: a ‘g’ within a spiral circle!







Stacey then began noticing this design inherent in nature, everywhere she looked!




As you enter this portal to the principles of Gratitude as the Master Key to life, intend a prayer in your heart that you may be guided and directed to your own inner activism – ‘What legacy would you like to leave behind? What are you passion about? What brings you joy? What meaningful contribution to the world would you like to offer?’


Watch this beautiful short invitation, for discovering the master key to joy and happiness, through gratitude:


This is the beginning of how we change the world into a better place, into heaven on earth, into a true Garden of Eden. Inner Activism sparks the light within! The outer world will not change unless we nurture, water, feed, and tend the being within us. When each and every human being realizes for them, what it is they have to offer, and becomes the change they wish to see in the world… the whole external world changes for the better!


Every one of us feels a gentle pull towards a better future, a brighter tomorrow, more love, peace, joy, laughter, dignity, and happiness. We certainly don’t want more fear in life, more pain, suffering, discord, judgment, unhappiness, or chaos.


‘What is it you are yearning to share, what gifts do you possess? Are they discovered? Do you know what brings you joy? What creative expression of joy do you yearn to share with others?’


The answers to these questions are the seeds of a new life Stacey discovered for herself on her journey using Gratitude as a Master Key. I was able to answer these same questions for myself, when I discovered and began working with gratitude as the master key. The result in my own life is, I began living heaven on earth, both internally and externally. My world began to shift to fit the inner beauty and joy I began naturally expressing as I discovered my own gifts, my own passions, my own path, and my own talents.


True activism is nurturing the inner spark of divinity that resides within each one of us. The spark is the seed to your own destiny. Then activism in the world becomes a natural expression of yourself, you show up, you serve, volunteer, gift, offer your talents, resources, and contributions in service to humanity. You make a difference! Not because you have to, because it is a natural expression of who and what you are! It is in this space you get back reciprocity and why gratitude becomes the master key to success!


If you feel called to plant the seed you discover, this precious inner seed, within a larger human garden, join Stacey and thousands of others on the path of gratitude as the master key, at a virtual garden, where you can plant and share your own seed, at Blooming Humans!

Our goal at Activism Media is to not only report on media making a difference in the world, solutions, inspiring results and stories of positive, social change…. but to also share with you media that is making a difference! Media that elevates your inner world!


Last week, we launched a regular weekly online, interactive show where viewers can communicate and interact with lead activists and heroes modeling effective action and positive change in the world. ‘Activism Media – Media Making a Difference’ is now a live, online, interactive show at www.ActivismMedia.com – Join us every Wednesday, 1pm Pacific.


Lisa Clapier


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