“Kiss the Runway”- The Reality of the Fashion Industry

by Chandia Brennen


On Saturday August 11th, The Federal Bar in North Hollywood rolled out the red carpet for “Kiss the Runway” an upcoming fashion show competition reality project.


“Kiss The Runway,” can be best described as a hybrid between Bravo’s Hit Reality Show, “Project Runway,” highlighting up and coming designers and their creations, and… “America’s Next Top Model,” which provides models an opportunity to take their careers to the next level as well. Everyday individuals relocate to Los Angeles in pursuit of a golden opportunity. Many are deceived by television to believe that opportunities are in abundance and that jet-setter status is inevitable.


Fashion enthusiast anxiously gathered to watch the fate of the designers and models during the finale show. Excitement loomed in the air as the panel of guest judges took their seats at the top of the runway. Accessory Designer Jessica Rich, Poprah the show’s creator , Celebrity Stylist Mr. Bradshaw and America’s Next Top Model Contestant Jade were ready to get down to business.



The purpose of the show is for up-and-coming talent to recognize that fashion, as in other entertainment related businesses, is much more than glamour; fashion is a multi-billion dollar industry. And to succeed in it, they must see themselves as a brand that must be developed, polished, marketed and promoted.


The show’s creator “Poprah” (Who aspired to be a cross between Sean “Puffy” Combs and Oprah, hence Poprah) gained notoriety as one of Sean Combs favorites from Vh1’s “I Want to Work for Diddy” Season 1 & 2. She is passionate about individuals gaining exposure based on hard work and talent. “Anyone and everyone, is now running around slapping their logo on a t-shirt, claiming they run a successful business because they have a business card. It’s time for someone to wake them up, and shake them up to make them realize fashion like all these other things young people say they want to pursue, is a business. So to succeed in it, whatever it is you’ve got to pay your dues, master your craft, and take a business approach.”


Event host Stephanie Bauer who is also the main host of HollyScoop, stepped onto the runway wearing a stunning black satin dress and body chain to commence the show. Music bounced off the cherry brick walls and exhilarated the guests. Statuesque models appeared in vibrant colored garments with intricate details that further captivated the crowd’s attention. The judges whispered amongst themselves, as the models attempted to leave a lasting impression.


At the end of the fashion show, the remaining four designers came forward to do a final walk dawning faces of excitement and concern. The crowd continued to cheer as the curtain closed on a stellar experience. The outcome of the winner’s was not revealed to the audience, but will be shown on the televised show “Kiss the Runway.”


Poprah truly brought in star power that support her with helping young entrepreneurs recognize that passion must be bridled with key business strategies, if they desire to succeed. And she’s even garnered support from some very reputable brands that trust her business savvy to market their products through the show. Sponsors include, Skineeze Skincarewear, The Celebrity Shopping Channel, Hairfinity, Image Cosmetics, Secrets Couture, and IDA Hollywood to name a few.


“Kiss the Runway” promises to both inspire and enlighten viewers through the journey of the ambitious contestants. Be sure to check it out on a network near you!


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  1. This sounds like it could be a great show! Thanks for the heads up, I will be looking out for it!


  2. I cannot wait to see this show, I love Poprah’s reasoning and what she’s trying do with this show.

  3. It looks like it was an exciting event and a good time had for all! I admire both show mentioned but really would like to see this new introspective revealed on it. Clever name for the show as well. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Lanika Mcclinton

    Would love to do some hairstyling for the show..

  5. Richard Chastang

    Is show ever going to air?

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