10 Best Apps to Use for Adding Text To Your Photos

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, but some snapshots speak even more clearly when they have a caption or two. Whether you’re looking for a utilitarian app that allows you to caption pictures on your iPhone while you’re on the go or you’re an artistic soul who loves to integrate quotes, captions and phrases with your creative photography, these are 10 of the best apps for adding text and other elements to your iPhone photos.


  • Piction App – When you need a simple app with an easy to use interface for adding captions and text to images on your phone, the $0.99 Piction App should be a go-to choice. With more than 20 fonts and the ability to manipulate multiple layers of text on an image, Piction allows you to tag your images with a caption, quote or text before saving in high resolution.


  • Typic Pro – Photo Text Editor – The most popular Photo and Video app in more than 50 countries, Typic Pro is a $0.99 app that will allow you to create breathtaking images complete with beautiful captions, text overlays, quotes and more. In addition to the text editing abilities, Typic Pro also allows you to add graphic elements, frames and splashes of color to your favorite photos with a few taps of the iPhone’s screen.


  • Quipio – Called “Instagram for Text Messaging” by TechCrunch and a Featured App in the iTunes App Store, the free Quipio app helps you create stylish and visually interesting graphic designs using your own images captured with the iPhone camera. As an added bonus, the app becomes more attuned to your personal tastes as you use it, eventually predicting styles that you’ll like to save time and effort.


  • Over – If you’re part of the hip crowd and just can’t seem to stop sharing images of your daily life through Instagram, this $1.99 app will make your shots more creative and interesting by allowing you to add captions, artwork and text to your images before easily sharing them over Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook and Instagram. Create your own memes to send your images into the viral stratosphere and make artistic statements from your iPhone with Over, which will even allow you to install your own fonts from anywhere on your phone for use within the app.


  • Overgram –  Whether you want to create a high-tech version of a sight gag with a funny caption, turn a picturesque shot into a vehicle for sharing your favorite quote or integrate your own poetry with photos you’ve taken, Overgram is the app for you. Free from the app store and packed with features, Overgram is a favorite of the hip and artistic set.


  • Photo Captions Free: Frames, Cards, Collage, Text & more – Doing just as it says, this free app allows you to add not only text, but also frames and collage art to your photos, turning them into virtual greeting cards or works of art that are easily shareable over your favorite social networking sites.


  • Stickr – Bringing all the fun of old-fashioned adhesive stickers into the digital age, Stickr is a free app that allows you to make and apply your own virtual stickers to photographs. Make your captions and quotes truly pop with Stickr, then easily share them with friends and family through messaging or social networking sites.


  • Color Cap – If you’ve ever wanted to turn a favorite photo into a background image for your iPhone, complete with captions and quotes, then this free app is for you. Featured by Apple in the What’s Hot in Productivity section, Color Cap makes quick work of captioning your images and setting them as a background screen or sharing them through social networking and messaging.


  • WordFoto – Go beyond the simple caption with this $1.99 app, which allows you to add complete messages within the body of your images. Create a pop-art sensation of your very own without resorting to intricate photo editing software on your desktop computer, and become the next big thing with a simple, easy to use app that makes your pictures truly come to life.


  • A Beautiful Mess – Digital scrapbookers rejoice, there is an app for that. Take your favorite hobby on the road with you, turning every snapshot into a work of meaningful art. Add captions, doodles and other elements, quickly share your images and make everyday photos into something beautiful with the $0.99 A Beautiful Mess app.




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