10 Tips For Power Thinking by Peggy Freeman


About the Author
Peggy Freeman is a published author, motivational speaker, entrepreneur and advocate for justice. She is passionate about helping people to reach their full potential while growing their businesses and personal lives.

As a motivational speaker, Ms. Freeman speaks to College students, Women’s groups, Corporate leaders and At Risk Individuals; empowering them to believe beyond their perceived limitations. In her lifetime Ms. Freeman has spoken to thousands of people, encouraging them to move forward in their endeavors for success.

Ms. Freeman is the President and Founder of Write Now Publishing Company, a professional writing firm. Their motto is, “with courage we write what we feel, and with passion, we feel what we write.” 

She appeared as television talk show co-host for Females on a Mission and LA Inside Out; and radio guests on LA Talk radio and KTSTFM. Ms. Freeman writes for outlets that publish worldwide including Aspiration and The Los Angeles Post. “She is known as one of the best writers of all times.”

Ms. Freeman was a featured author at Compton College for the Salute to Black Authors event, during Black History week. She spoke at the 2014 and 2015 Connecting Women to Power Conferences at California State University at Dominguez Hills.. She is the recipient of two 2014 Awards from California Assemblymen Steven Bradford and Isadora Hall for speaking on self-development and she was honored by the State Board of Equalization for her community participation. Ms. Freeman is a community activist and holds a certification in Mental Health First Aid.

Her book, 10 Tips for Power Thinking with the Foreword by Chairman Jerome E. Horton is designed to help people to change the thoughts that limit their success and happiness. 10 Tips for Power Thinking will help you to uncover and change the thoughts that hinder your success and happiness. Gain personal insight into who you are and how you relate to the world around you. It is a personal development guide that fuses facts, scientific truths, and inspirational stories. Be prepared to laugh, cry and be inspired with 10 Tips for Power Thinking. If you dare to be courageous enough to want to change for the better, try 10 Tips for Power Thinking.
Ms. Freeman has received many accolades and testimonials from the book. People are saying 10 Tips for Power Thinking is changing their lives.

10 Tips for Power Thinking is a journey… on rich and nourishing landscape, you will end up some place different, changed for the better. Jaime Suard MA, MFT  (Marriage, Family, and Perinatal Psychotherapy)

10 Tips for Power Thinking is a thought provoking look into the human process of thoughts and how they can help us to experience better health and more happiness in life. Eric Harrison (Publisher)

Everyone should read 10 Tips for Power Thinking because it teaches you how to change your mind set. People will tell you to stay strong and be encouraged but the author actually tells you how to apply the principles…. It could be the missing link to your success. Rashad Jackson (College Student)

Some chapters include:
⦁ Vision. Having a clear vision of what you want to do in life helps you get where you want to go.
⦁ Let It Go- Letting go of past hurts, self- condemnation and fear helps you to move forward in your journey to success. Learn how to just let it go.
⦁ Setting Emotional Boundaries- Setting boundaries on your emotions helps you to maintain stability, true relationships and peace of mind.
Those are only three of the ten rich chapters that are laced with facts, personal stories and humor that will empower you to have more success, happiness and better health.
You may purchase 10 Tips for Power Thinking book and the Personal Development Guide (workbook) at www.peggyfreeman.com or purchase the book and e-book on amazon.com -10 Tips for Power Thinking.

To book Ms. Freeman for speaking engagements, visit the website at peggyfreeman.com or email, peggy@writenowpublishingco.com (put “Booking” in the subject line).


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