“A Short Stay at Carranor” Review by Rose Desena

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                 “A Short Stay at Carranor”

Writer: William Blinn


Review by Rose Desena


Lee Meriwether and Don Moss are absolutely charming in this romantic tale about never-ending love. Irene (Lee Meriwether) now 70 finally gets a chance to spend time with the man she let go more than half a century ago. Under the influence of her parents, Irene reluctantly sends Chet (Don Moss) a Dear John letter, while he was serving in World War II. Her parents wanted much more for their daughter than this older man who was not up to their standards.


A Short Stay at Carranor A

Donald Moss and Lee Meriwether 


Both Irene and Chet go on with their lives, get married and have children, but they never let go, after the death of her husband (which didn’t seem relevant since they were divorced 10 years before his death) they were reunited and are engaged in a nice little affair. However, things get messy as Chet decides he finally wants to be with the women he has always loved. “But” and yes there’s a “But” and it’s a big one, dear Chet is still married and has been diagnosed with a terminal illness. Diane (Mary Burkin) his wife will never grant a divorce even though she knows all about the other woman. She must have taken lessons from Hillary Clinton.


A Short Stay at Carranor B

Corinne Shor, Donald Moss, Lee Meriwether


Irene’s daughter Shelby (Corinne Shor) doesn’t approve of her mother’s relationship and desperately tries to talk her mom out of a shameful weekend she wants to spend with her married lover Chet. She whines in tiring dialog as if she is reprimanding her mother for staying out late. Just because you’re old, the kids think they can boss you around. Of cause as things progress, Shelby comes to a revelation that is life changing. Bla Bla!!!!


A Short Stay at Carranor C

 Corinne Shor, George Tovar, Greg Lewis, Donald Moss, Lee Meriwether


Meriwether and Moss are very sweet together, but the night I was there Meriwether had problems with her lines and the pacing was off. I know that has a way of correcting itself as the shows runs but I think a few more rehearsals might have helped. I did love Greg Lewis as the intrusive but loveable Mr. Dibble.


The stage set, lighting and sound were excellent and there is a nice inspirational message. Love prevails, and it’s never too late to change history.


However it’s all lost to a weak script that was very predictable. I was bored with the simplicity of it. It was as if I was watching a live filming of a Lifetime movie or worse Hallmark.


              “A Short Stay at Carranor”


Writer: William Blinn
Director: John Gallogly
Cast: Lee Meriwether, Don Moss, Corinne Shor, George Tovar, Greg Lewis, Mary Burkin, Nick Mcdow,
Theater West
3333 Cahuenga Blvd. Hollywood, California 90068
www. Theatrewest.org
Runs Friday and Saturday @8 pm and Sunday @ 2 pm until September 29th

Photo Credit: Thomas Mikusz

2 Roses Rating



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