Three Inalienable Rights: Life, Liberty & the Pursuit of Happiness


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Three Inalienable Rights: Life, Liberty & the Pursuit of Happiness


Global Citizens

What does Martin Luther King, Jr’s #FeedomFight and indigenous American nations’ #IdleNoMore movement share in common? Global Citizenship!


The indigenous Americans’ etymology is the foundation of the U.S. Declaration of Independence (most American’s do not know this truth in American history).


‘Happiness,’ one of the three inalienable rights provided in the U.S. Declaration of Independence, is a specific reference to indigenous American Indian society



To Jefferson this indigenous ideal of happiness was, “a sense of personal and societal security.” 1  Happiness, rather than property, was chosen as the third inalienable right because of Jefferson’s encounters with the Iroquois whom he deemed to be ‘happy’ and free from the want excessive property accumulation forces on a society. The Iroquois Confederation also influenced Jefferson in his penning of the Bill of Rights. “The guideline that Jefferson drew from the Indian example (and which he earnestly promoted in the First Amendment) allowed freedom until it violates another’s rights.”1


Personal liberties and autonomy are a strictly indigenous characteristic. Personal rights and the importance of public opinion in governing, are two distinctly non-European values embedded in American society today. These political characteristics owe their legacy to the Iroquois Confederation.


This is what the indigenous America’s #IdleNoMore are demanding to be restored, that which was promised in that historic document and treaty’s. Fast forward 200 years and in their wisdom, deeply rooted in stewarding the Earth, #IdleNoMore specifies protection of Earth’s non-renewable resources. These collateral assets are gifts from the Earth, free to all, and inherently pure. Man’s abuse, misuse, and pillaging of these commodities that belong to all beings on this planet, directly relates to the preservation, sacredness, and perpetuity of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Martin Luther King, Jr’s peaceful #FeedomFight for civil and economic rights was also demanding, that which was promised in the U.S. Declaration of Independence. Specifically, that every man is created equal!




Whether you believe in God or not, whether you believe in indigenous American traditions or not, whether you believe in gun control or not… it is providence that humanity preciously steward that which has been preciously gifted. Do no harm! It is our inalienable right and privilege… and what a beautiful privileged it is! With life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, heaven on Earth exists… it is a place that when you look upon the face of another you can see the face of God! Each and every one of us, is that precious and beautiful!


Integrity means wholeness (not 99% but 100%). Human beings only act outside of integrity when they are in survival more (food, shelter, security, interconnectedness). In integrity, everyone is a healthy creative expression of joy. In integrity everyone is treated like a neighbor, a brother/sister, a tribe – one peaceful, human family. The U.S. Declaration of Independence promises three inalienable rights: life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. You can’t truly be happy until you are out of survival mode. Quickest way as a planetary family out of survival mode: to make free everything that the Earth gifts to man: natural organic food, primal water, free energy, clean air, and liberty (do no harm to another).  We work towards ensuring everyone has shelter and we maintain the open-source free collaboration of the internet.



A true leader models integrity, wholeness, providence, peace, sustainability, non-violence, honor, dignity, prosperity, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for all! True freedom and pure love!


What does a world that works for all, look like to you?

Share your heart’s desire with us, in the comment section below!


What is your highest version, of the grandest vision, for you? What are the talents and gifts you are yearning to share with the world, for all to thrive, prosper, and live in joy and happiness?


“Interconnectedness is the truest expression of energy. Interdependence is the ultimate achievement of humankind.

By understanding the link between the two, we could change the world.”  Jeff Patnaude, Habits of Heroes


What is Global Citizenship?

Beautiful people operating from a sense of providence, honorably stewarding and modeling a peaceful, thriving, non-violent world that works for all!


  • No more competition, there is enough shared prosperity for all to thrive!
  • No more lack, we all have the same needs: food, shelter, security, interconnectedness!
  • No more war, we all have the same desires of contributing our gifts and talents for our family, community, and humanity!
  • No more separation or duality, we are one human family and we all secretly wear a super hero cape of providence, glory, righteousness, compassion, and dignity for all!


Being a Global Citizen is also action, active-ism! Join thousands of other Global Citizens making positive action, towards a thriving world, that works for all!




There are real super heroes everywhere, making the world a better place to live, for all! What else would love do?


Change for Change!

Appreciation appreciates! There are worthy projects yearning for your collaboration, even your change can make change, as a financial contribution.


A beautiful film, nearing its funding campaign on IndieGogo is Be Brave! A brother’s dying wish. A sister’s undying promise. The video below shares Daniel Northcott’s story and his message of unity for the world.


What if it were your job in life, to single-handedly effect the greatest possible change towards a better human condition, and in the shortest amount of time?


“Be Brave will surprise you. I’m here to tell everyone that Dan made it his life mission to try and make at least one Earth-shaking catalytic movie. This movie has a great hook via a bone in a Mayan cave, but the real meat of this movie is hiding throughout, waiting to pinch awake a lot of different people in this world. This movie is really about being alive, discovering a heart-felt appreciation for being alive and for all that lives – a reminder that we are indeed ONE and that we should stop acting like we’re not. This movie is also about an extraordinary man’s amazing, but short life, in which he and his 10 years of recording ponder tirelessly the grand-unified connection we all share with everything else in the universe. He lives his whole life consciously going after enough relevant knowledge in hopes of understanding, processing and ultimately sharing what he learns and experiences – including every horrifying detail following the realization that a deadly serious cancer is trying to kill him and stop him from ever making this important film.” Vaughan Neville (Dan Northcott’s close friend)
Blessing this film with a contribution, is a token towards the spirit of your courage and bravery in realizing your dreams. Together we can change the world!
Be Brave! Be a Global Citizen!  Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, for all! 




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