Activism Media – Real-life Super Heroes: What They All Have In Common!

by Lisa Clapier


Real-life Super Heroes: What They All Have In Common!
Think back to all your favorite childhood super heroes: Spider Man, Wonder Women, etc. What did they all have in common? Well, at least one super power, and a cause that defends the weak, corrects the injustices, while clearly saving humanity from looming, irreversible peril! The ideal of doing the right thing!


Two of my favorite, real super heroes, are Polly Higgins, Lawyer for the Earth; and Barbara Marx Hubbard, Grandmother for Conscious Evolution. Both incredible women, who model for me super powers and great causes – saving the planet and its people! Some other things I noticed about these incredibly effective super heroes are: hope, courage, integrity, honor, truth, strength, passion, dedication, effectiveness, basically a better way to behave as a conscious, human species!




Polly Higgins has dedicated her entire life to one client – the Earth! Higgins is a U.K. barrister, author and creator of new laws protecting the Earth. Higgins has proposed that Ecocide is the missing 5th Crime Against Peace, to sit alongside genocide as an international crime against peace throughout the world. Enjoy this clip from Higgins recent TedxExeter!







Barbara Marx Hubbard’s legacy is a life work of consciously co-creating a world of peace, of intentionally evolving into a greater humanity. She is actively engaged in a campaign Birth 2012, to realize this ideal. “If we are capable of creating nuclear arms, then we must be capable of the opposite. What does that look like?” Watch her trailer, inviting you to join her Birth 2012 in co-creating a better way!


“Barbara Marx Hubbard is our undisputed planetary midwife.”
-Marianne Williamson



Activism Media will be reporting on continual news and updates from both of these remarkable women, so enjoy getting to know them!


Another favorite, real super hero, is Burke Bryant, Humanitarian Journalist, from the #1 conflict zone on the planet, South Sudan.
Bryant has just returned from South Sudan, where greater atrocities than Syria are occurring. He was there establishing a transmedia operation with, basically ‘eyes and ears’ on what is occurring in South Sudan’s struggle, concerns and hope. Watch the trailer for Operation South Sudan









The Republic of South Sudan, this week, is celebrating their first year as the youngest country in the world. South Sudan successfully seceded from Sudan July 9, 2011.




Congratulations were received from Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Desmond Tutu, who appealed for peace by making a personal visit to South Sudan in honor of the country’s first year anniversary.





South Sudan’s celebration comes after a year of tribulation. So, here is the gist of it, you can’t have a super hero without a protagonist:

Really bad guy, aka evil President, allows murder and mass mayhem (rape, pillage, child soldiers, dehydration, starvation, the list goes on and on) across his own land, bullying for power and control. People living in fear, so they don’t complain when he tries to take all the riches, which isn’t his to take (anymore).

Sudan’s President Omar al-Bashir is wanted by the International Criminal Court for genocide, war crimes, and crimes against humanity.

  • The majority of the oil fields, 80% are in South Sudan. Due to South Sudan being landlocked, relying on pipelines and ports through Sudan, Sudan recommended the two Nation’s split the revenue 50/50. South Sudan turned off exportation of oil through Sudan, in an unexpected strategy about six months ago, even though oil revenues constitute more than 98% of the government of South Sudan’s budget. Other than oil, South Sudan’s economy is predominantly rural relying chiefly on farming for food and existence.
  • Al-Bashir declared war the end of April 2012. The two countries have not come to a peaceful resolution.
  • Since 1956, Sudan has suffered two civil wars and has lost over 2.5 million Sudanese in these conflicts. Over two generations of trauma, war, famine, violence, and dispute has plagued this region of Northern Africa.
  • Now, five million people are displaced as a result of this conflict, in a country just marginally smaller than the state of Texas.
  • Acts of bombs, raiding, and violence are reported daily as President al-Bashir’s reluctance to give up the border between Sudan and South Sudan perpetuates these war crimes against his own people.




One of the first images Bryant sent to me after he first landed in South Sudan, were jaw dropping pictures of how the South Sudanese gather drinking water.







Directly from the polluted Nile River, unfiltered, with generators spewing carcinogens so outrageously… you wonder why they have a mosquito problem at all?







The indigenous Nuba villagers are getting the worst of the conflict. Non-violent cattle farmers, their homes are tukuls – huts built of mud and straw. They live in a completely remote area of the Blue Nile Mountains, near the disputed border region between Sudan and South Sudan. Recently the villages have been victim to day raids with bombing starting as early as 8AM.





This is how some South Sudanese live now. Over five million internally displaced people (IDP) currently in South Sudan. Over 4,000 IDP’s daily are fleeing to refugee camps south of the border, due to this conflict. Horrific stories of having to leave the elderly behind, children dying along the long trek, of dehydration and malnutrition. In Juba, the capital city, only 120 doctors service a population of over 8 million.





Activism Media will follow the story of’s humanitarian journalists producing media and assisting non-governmental organizations (NGO’s), on the ground, in future missions of unrest and high risk conflict zones.


So, besides a super power and a cause saving humanity, what do super heroes really have in common? Vision for a better, just, ideal way… attainable now!


If you were a super hero what would your super powers be? What cause would you champion?
Join me next week debuting Activism Media TV, with an interview with’s Bryant along with comedian Russell Brand on his new show Brand X on FX.


Lisa Clapier


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    I just read about humanitarian Burke Bryant on another site as well, what an amazing man. Great article, thank you.

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