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by Lisa Clapier



What is Activism Media exactly? Well, I should tell you right off the bat; I am the Occupy Wall Street Media Producer in Los Angeles. Activism Media is not Occupy, but it does include the best, evolutionary practices found within the Occupy Movement.


Like this beautiful short film by Occupy Wall Street film maker Abe Heiser:
Dr. Bruce Lipton ‘The Evolution of the Butterfly’


Activism Media is Hollywood media projects effecting positive change, and an array of other incredible, transmedia solutions for economic, civil, and social problems on the planet.


The world I see is a thriving, abundant people and planet. Full of planetary citizens, brothers and sisters, working in harmony, in love, peace, joy and support for one another! Secure, knowing that by honoring our sacred planet, we change the world into Heaven on Earth!


Earth Communications Office ‘The Power of One’ PSA –


Is world peace, too lofty of a goal? Why not? Admit it, we all yearn for it, pray for it, talk about, need it, and dream about it for our children and our grandchildren!


So, how about we just do it? Do something! It only takes one, to make a difference! What if that ‘One’ were you?


Activism Media began as I started to connect because of Occupy Wall Street, with the most amazing group of professional media makers, already filming, and deeply committed to, the same world I envision!


Charles Eisenstein ‘Sacred Economics’ Short Film –


On a beautiful Spring day, media industry moguls involved with the future paradigm of media, met at legendary activist Michelle Phillips home (of the ‘Mamas and the Papas’), about 30 of us, and we shared with one another, our media projects.


Tom Shadyac, producer and director of acclaimed film ‘I Am!‘ A documentary asking the deep questions: ‘What’s wrong with the world?’ And, ‘Whose going to do something about it?’ Of course most people know Shadyac as the director of a few classic hit comedies, ‘Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, Liar Liar, Dragonfly, Bruce Almighty’… and many more!


Shepard Fairey, infamous street artist/activist, known best for his iconic red and blue Obama ‘Hope’ poster in 2008 and the cover of Time Magazine’s 2012 Person of the Year, ‘The Protester.’


Mikal Kimal, long-time advocate for positive social change, political activist, and executive producer of ‘Hard Block Live.’ A new reality TV debate show between the ‘haves’ and the ‘have-nots.’ ‘Hard Block’ meaning a term identifying unsustainable behavior that is morally unacceptable in human endeavor (example: private funding of politics).


Ron Kovic, war hero, activist, and the real-life character Tom Cruise portrayed in ‘Born on the Fourth of July.’ Explain to him the virtue of unethical war, he lost his legs in one.


Dianne Burnett, visionary at Burnett Entertainment. Her Hollywood success began with television hits ‘Eco Challenge’ and ‘Survivor’ and her new book gets released this fall ‘Road to Reality.’


Mikki Willis – Founder and CEO of Elevate, Elevate’s initiatives include PlayItFWD, a revolutionary viral distribution platform for transformational movies and media; Elevate Films, a full-service films and viral media production company; Elevate Film Festival, the world’s first international socially conscious filmmaking challenge; theXperience, a new genre of live entertainment designed to elevate consciousness; and Elevate Presents, a live event production/innovation initiative.


And many other beautiful, impressive media activists; producing elevating, solution-filled, inspiring media.


Activism Media emerged, as a collective of conscious, awake, media makers, on a mission providing the world with what a thriving, healed world looks like! Entertaining, beautiful, full of truth; reporting on the people and organizations modeling a new way. Effective, reliable, proven, authentic solutions!

  •  Alternative energy solutions, like how to take your home off the grid. Imagine no more utility bills?
  • How to raise your own food right in your backyard – free! And the garden becomes a healthy ritual. There is something fulfilling in putting your hands in the dirt and feeding your family with the fruits of your own love and tender care.
  • Ways to end unsustainable, harvesting our non-renewable, collateral assets (oil, coal, minerals, etc.) that we have no business privatizing – poaching! What belongs to everyone should not be owned or controlled by a few.
    “If you control the oil you control the country; if you control the food, you control the population.”~Henry Kissinger
  • An interactive …
  •  Examples of people finding their creative purpose in the world! Living in joy, prospering abundantly, heroes modeling high moral and ethical values. Doing well by doing good, has many benefits! And don’t we all dream of good health, happy families, leisure time, peace amongst nations, abundant wealth, living in harmony with nature and one another? I know I do!


Activism Media will bring the following stories to you, and more!
Interviews with:

  • John Perkins, author, his new book ‘Hoodwinked.’ John will share the real-life story about his extraordinary dealings as an Economic Hit Man. His work has exposed the world of international intrigue and corruption that is turning the American republic into a global empire despised by increasing numbers of people around the planet.
  • Barbara Marx Hubbard, endearingly called the Grandmother of Conscious Evolution. Barbara has been envisioning a major shift of consciousness, a birth of a new humanity for 2012.
  • Lynne McTaggart, independent journalist, author, and creator of Peace Experiments.
  • Comedian Russell Brand, on his new show on FX ‘Brand X.’ Irreverent, funny, philosophical and exposing truth by asking deep questions ‘Who is the Dalai Lama of America?’
  • Foster Gamble, executive producer of the ‘Thrive Movement’ film. Talking about a Solutions Hub for community’s yearning to thrive. Where you can get started in finding people within your own community taking action together.
  • More inspiring and entertaining films from Tom Shadyac and other Hollywood A-list media makers, doing the same.
  • And interviews from the brightest minds on the planet, experts in these 12 areas of a healthy, civil society in human endeavor: art, economics, education, environment, governance, health, infrastructure, justice, media, relationships, science, and spirituality.


If we were on a sinking ship, we would gather the best experts aboard and ask their brilliant opinions. And we would choose a solution, from their collective answers! This is what you can expect from Activism Media – beautiful solutions!


Feel free to ask me questions, share your thoughts, and creative practices. Is there an innovator you would like to see interviewed. What sector, of the 12 referenced above, do you most resonate with, in your creative contribution to humanity?


Join us in creating a new world together where no war exists, every one’s stomach is full, water is pure, the air is clean, and we are honorably stewarding the non-renewable, collateral assets of the planet responsibly, brilliantly, so that all may live free, secure, safe to live, love, raise a family, offering their beautiful gifts and skills towards this better way! Happy, creative, productive, healthy, modeling and being creative expressions of joy! Because we can choose it!


We Occupy 100% our own hearts, forgive ourselves of our own bullshit. The 1% we are fighting in the world, is a reflection of the 1% within our own minds that we allow to terrorize our self into believing we aren’t worthy. We are!


So join us each week on a journey of discovering together – ‘What would Heaven on Earth look like?’ Welcome to Activism Media – Media Making A Difference!


I leave you with this stunning short film, a meditation gifted to the Occupy Movement by Emmy Award winning composer Gary Malkin.


Thich Nhat Hanh’s ‘Prayer for Peace’


Lisa Clapier
541.708.1792 cell


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