Artist Michael Temple’s Friday, July 12 Through July 24th at haleARTS S P A C E

by Henry K. Long


Abstract artist, Michael Temple has had a busy year. For the past two months his art was on view at the Rose Café in the series “Rose Respectives.” He is looking forward to participating in a group show at haleARTS S P A C E in Santa Monica on Friday, July 12th. His work is also currently in an exhibition at The Dolphin Gallery in Kansas City titled “Thanks for the Warning.” The long-time gallery is closing. Temple explains, “John O’Brien the owner is opening a design business. This closing has been much lamented by the Kansas City art scene as it has been a pillar of the community for many years.”


One of his paintings, “The Medievil Monkey Decree” was recently sold. It’s a play on the Evil Monkeys and art trio with the late John MichaelTemplePuscheck and Mike Randall,” said Temple. “We have a wall all to ourselves. Before John’s death we showed art at The Dolphin many times.”


A father bought it for his twelve-year old son who was drawn to the painting. “He liked the fact that he could see different things in it at different times and make up his own imagery,” said Temple. “Kind of like looking at clouds…this type of painting I refer to as ‘Non-Objective Neo-Cubism.’ I also call it the Mindscapes.”


Temple admitted that he was excited to show his work at haleARTS S P A C E. “It’s small but mighty,” laughed Temple. “Michael and Sean are cool.” Owner Michael Hale and gallery director Sean Hemeon offer a nurturing space for emerging artists to show their work, right in the heart bustling Santa Monica.


Hale talks about the LA Art scene, “I am THRILLED to be part of it, especially with the talented emerging artists coming onto the scene. There is such an abundance of wonderful contemporary art and photography to be found in Los Angeles.”


Temple recently participated in several group shows at Trunk Gallery and was a featured artist in the Santa Monica Airport Art Walk.


The opening reception will be held on Friday, July 12, at haleARTS S P A C E (2443 Main St., at Edgemar Center in Santa Monica) from 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm. The exhibition will be on view through July 24th. The art of Karen Sikie will also be on view.


To find out more about Michael Temple, see his website at


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