“Bad Blood” – The Hunger! Film Noir horror for the mid Millennium

Bad Blood – The Hunger!

Film Noir horror for the mid Millennium 

From Psycho to The Exorcist and countless sub genres in between Halloween and its associated themes prompt re-screenings of many tried and true favorites of the horror film genre.

In keeping with the Halloween spirit, and a latter day penchant for zombie related themes, Bad Blood – The Hunger is film noir horror for the mid Millennium –

Described as a “ten,” by IMDB reviewers, Bad Blood The Hunger is at home with many horror classics yet despite a seemingly familiar story line the film’s stunning art direction and script set it apart.

The film observes a group of innocent college students who embark on their obligatory spring break. A summer of sun is quickly transformed to an unprecedented tale of visceral horror.

The hapless adolescents fall victim to an insidious clan of ravenous, flesh­eaters whose wit and seemingly benign exteriors conceal dark supernatural powers.

Bad Blood The Hunger enjoys national cinematic release on October 28, preempting the widely celebrated Halloween holiday on October 31.

Horror film bible Fangoria offered a positive appraisal of the film – ‘If people were afraid to go near a shower because of Hitchcock’s famous scene, no one will want to visit a roadside bathroom after seeing “BAD BLOOD…THE

Another glowing IMDB review offered, “the film never falls into the schlock category typical of this genre. It’s character driven, with a glorious combination of a Technicolor/Film Noir look, a great score, and perhaps some of the most tantalizing up and coming breakthrough young actors I’ve seen. It has a touch of Hitchcock, Nicholas Roeg,; M. Night Shyamalan. “A 10 for certain! “

Seasoned actor and director Conrad Janis heads up the film’s highly talented and professional team.

A true renaissance man, with interests in directing, art, acting and jazz musicianship, Conrad is renowned for his film and television work on the likes of The Cable Guy, TV’s Mork 8. Mindy, Brewslers Millions, Fraŕser, The Buddy Holly Story and Mr. Saturday Night.

Asked about his influences for the making of Bad Blood The Hunger, Janis revealed, “Hitchcock’s films were a key influence, from his “39 Steps”, to the incomparable.

“Psycho” & the Fact that Hitchcock reveled in Character-driven projects. Another homage was lightly touched upon in scenes from Nicholas Roeg’s “Don’t Look Now” but Janis’ approach was mostly that of “an organized JAZZ ‘JAM SESSION’, with the melody set, but the tempo & improvisational Riffs free to occur out of the hard work they did off set.”

Bad Blood…THE HUNGER’S cast of eleven gorgeous young actors with Spirit & talent, and three-time Academy Award Nominee Piper Laurie- Carrie, Children of a Lesser God, The Hustler, The Faculty.

In addition the all star ensemble cast includes –
Rachelle Wood (Friends with Benefits, Ghost of Girlfriends Past) Chuck Hittinger (American Reunion, Pretty Littie Liars, Jonas) Bret Anthony (Behind the Camera: The Unauthońzed Story of Three ‘s Company, Holiday Switch, 3 Days Blind) Alonso Freeman (Shawshank Redemption, Seîen. * Morgan Freeman’s son) Steven Chrîstapher Parker (Juno, Little Miss Sunshine, TV’s E.R.) Maria Grimm (The Feminine Touch, November Conspiracy, Sheńock Holmes in New York and over 225 TV’s shows) Maika Monroe (At/Jmy Price (2012) Stars with Zach Efron & Dennis Quaid, The Bring Ring (2013) Co-stars with Emma Watson & Kirsten Dunst, Labor Day (2013) Stars with Josh Brolin & Kate Winslet


by Craig Stephens


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  1. I saw, I loved it! Gorgeous coloring, the film noir look was aces!

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