‘Best Man Holiday’ Review By Shirley Hawkins

                   It’s a Fun Holiday romp in

                         ‘Best Man Holiday’




It’s been 14 long years since audiences laughed and cried with the friends in the movie The Best Man, but they’re back in the lively and long-awaited sequel, The Best Man’s Holiday.


As expected, there are plenty of surprises galore when the friends reunite at NFL running back Lance Sullivan’s (Morris Chestnut) suburban mansion for the Christmas weekend. Friendships are tested, old rivalries are ignited and secrets are revealed with hilarious results.


The Best Man HolidayA lot has happened to this lively crew in the intervening years:

Harper (Taye Diggs), Lance’s best friend, has had initial success with his first novel and became a professor at NYU. Robin, his wife, (Sanaa Lathan), is now a famous chef and is expecting their first child; Julian, (Harold Perrineau) and his wife, Candy (Regina Hall) run a school–but Candy harbors a secret from her past; the saucy Shelby (Melissa De Souza) has emerged as a breakout star on the reality TV show “The Real Housewives of Westchester” and has parlayed her notoriety into a merchandizing empire a la the Kardashians; Jordan (Nia Long) is a high-powered TV executive who is dating Brian (cast newcomer Eddie Cibrian); the mischievous Quentin (Terrence Howard), now runs a successful branding company; Lance (Morris Chestnut) is a God-fearing family man on the verge of becoming the NFL’s all time leading rusher; and Mia (Monica Calhoun) is his devoted wife who is struggling with a life-threatening secret.


The Best Man HolidayDespite his initial success as a novelist, Harper is struggling financially. He has lost his job at NYU and hasn’t written a bestseller in quite a while.  His publisher has implored Harper to exploit his relationship with his friend Lance by asking him to write his biography, since the gridiron superstar is on the verge of retirement.


But Lance is still resentful towards Harper, since Harper once had a fling with Mia, Lance’s wife!


Julian has lost two million dollars’ worth of funding for his private school because the school’s elderly benefactor has discovered a scandalous secret about Julian’s wife Candy! It seems as if Candy was filmed exhibiting risqué behavior at a bachelor’s party in her stripper days—and the video has  become a viral sensation on YouTube.


Julian’s problems multiply further with the arrival of the flirtatious Shelby, since the two once had a brief fling. It doesn’t take long before Shelby attempts to rekindle the flames of desire with Julian despite the fact that Julian is happily married to Candy!


bmh2TV executive Jordan, who is addicted to her ever-present BlackBerry, realizes that she has neglected her close relationships during her relentless climb to the top. Jordan also realizes that she has sorely neglected Mia, her best friend. She realizes that she must make amends all around before it’s too late.


The frisky Quentin provides comic relief by making a play for any woman within a five mile radius.  He also has some pretty risqué habits, including taking provocative selfies of himself and sending them to various girlfriends via his cell phone—and he has a liking for cannabis.  With his rascally ways and infectious charm, Quentin nearly steals the movie.


There’s fun galore when the fellas go old school and sing and dance to New Edition’s “Can You Stand the Rain” much to the ladies’ delight!


But the mood becomes somber when Mia and Lance finally reveal that Mia has cancer–to everyone’s shock and astonishment.


(Despite the grave diagnosis, there’s a funny and touching scene when sometime during the weekend, Quentin tiptoes into Mia’s room and the two wind up getting high on some medical marijuana.)


Concerned about Mia’s health, a frantic and grieving Lance has decided to cancel playing in the big game on Christmas Day so that he can stay by a worsening Mia’s side—but Mia won’t have it!  She urges Lance to get back out there on the gridiron. Mia wants him to break that rushing record!

Will Lance decide to play the big game and enter the history books?

Will Mia survive her cancer diagnosis?

Will Robin give birth to a Christmas baby?

Will Julian finally confront Candy about her scandalous past? Will their school be saved from financial ruin?

Will Lance and Harper become best friends again? Will Harper get the chance to write Lance’s biography?

Questions abound and there are surprises galore in The Best Man’s Holiday!


Special kudos go to Monica Calhoun who delivers a translucent performance as the ailing Mia, and to Morris Chestnut as Lance, who is wonderful as her devoted, God-fearing husband.


Released by Universal Pictures and directed by Malcolm D. Lee, it’s great to see old friendships reignited and rivalries addressed in the The Best Man Holiday—and there are hints that there might be a third installment after Quentin breaks news to his friends that he might be getting married.


Released by Universal Pictures and directed by Malcolm D. Lee, it is a treat to see this charismatic and talented cast again that will no doubt bring cheer and laughter to their many fans throughout the holiday season.




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