Brand X’s Russell Brand Debuts ‘Activism Media’ New Online, Interactive Show



Brand X’s Russell Brand Debuts ‘Activism Media’ New Online, Interactive Show

Hollywood media makers in support of entertainment with a purpose, launch ‘’ an Online Interactive Show LIVE from Hollywood

‘If America had a Dalai Lama, who would it be?’ This is the kind of question Russell Brand asks his studio audience on a recent taping of his new show ‘Brand X on FX’ which airs Thursday nights at 11PM. Entertainingly witty, Russell shares his passion for comedy, entertainment, philosophy, spirituality, politics, even asking the deep questions ‘Who are we? Why are we here?’ Of course, there is the always the quick charm and charisma Russell cheekily flashes, when he’s entered a taboo subject like sex or porn. Always quick to snatch a potential joke from the dialogue with his in-studio and viewing audience.

Comedian Brand, 37, recently met the Dalai Lama in Manchester, England while introducing the Dalai Lama, 76, during a youth event last month; even Brand admitted he was finding the experience somewhat surreal. Acting as master of ceremonies for his holiness’s ‘Century of Dialogue – Stand Up and Be The Change talk’, Brand was praised by the spiritual leader for his ‘openness.’



This regular, weekly feature article has now turned into a regular weekly online, interactive show where viewers can communicate and interact with lead activists and heroes modeling effective action and positive change in the world. ‘Activism Media – Media Making a Difference’ debuts as a live, online, interactive show at Wednesday, July 25, 2012 at 1pm PDT.

Other guests will include Burke Bryant, 41, humanitarian journalist with Humanitarian Aid & Rescue Project, recently back from an Intel-gathering mission in South Sudan, Africa. South Sudan has risen to the #1 conflict zone on the planet for people at threat. Bryant’s experience was intense as he witnessed children die of dehydration and malnutrition as mountain villagers fled their homes from daily bombings, raids, and other horrific atrocities.



Bryant witnessed children ill in hospitals with no medical supplies, bombs littering school yards, families living in dumps and some children so traumatized by what they have witnessed in their young lives, they are now mute.






Michael Smith, 42, President of OneCounts. Director of events for AmericaSpeak, Global Voices and others. Graduate from Singularity University will also be joining the show as a guest, debuting a future trend media and technology that literally provides the evolution from social media to social collaboration and social productivity.





It is now possible to hold a global town hall and get results! Collaboration is the key!






Media is making a difference!

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