Camp Goalz: Building Leadership Skills Thru Sports And Education

by Sandra Danderson

Camp Goalz is a camp for high school sports teams run by military veterans and active duty troops, which uses military techniques to build a solid foundation for teamwork.  Founded in 2008 by Tech Sergeant Michael Muller and Val Lopez, Camp Goalz is currently run on Camp Pendleton and has been responsible for helping struggling high school level sports teams become top competitors in their league.


Camp Goalz has been awarded Congressional Letters of Appreciation and in 2010 became an official non profit organization, making donations tax deductible.  Camp Goalz currently is seeking donations so that they can sponsor at risk youths in from resourced teams.  Currently one of Camp Goalz alumni teams has gone from a six year losing streak to their first year following camp being first in their league and their second year being undefeated.  Players who have gone through the camp excel individually and as a team they become a force to be reckoned with.


Camp Goalz is made up of volunteers of veterans wounded and unwounded as well as active duty troops.  It is a three day training exercise that runs teams through military drills that forces them to build teamwork and communication skills.  The military trainers take each player and mentor them in strategic methods to identify and attain their short term and long term goals.  This mentorship continues long after the camp has concluded.


Camp Goalz is more than a sports training camp.  It’s mentorship for youths where they can learn personal discipline, life skills, and the value of working as a group to achieve a goal.  It is a way for veterans to be of service to their communities and to impart wisdom to the next generation.  Military veterans have had unique training that enables them to not only be individually disciplined but to work with others as an unified element.  Camp Goalz is an excellent opportunity for the volunteers and for the teens it supports.


Many teens are restricted by what they think is possible, Camp Goalz;s desire is to show them that everything is possible.  Camp Goalz short-term objective is to sponsor teams that cannot afford the basic expenses which are comprised of food, shelter, gear, and insurance.  Corpsmen, which are trained Naval medical personnel, volunteer and are on site at all times during training.  Donations of uniforms and gear are welcome and needed.  Camp Goalz’s long-term goal is to establish camps statewide.  If you would like to learn more about Camp Goalz, to donate, or to volunteer go to “”  or email Michael Muller at


As Vince Lombardy once said, “The achievements of an organization are the results of the combined effort of each individual.”  What we do for our youth today as a society will be given back tomorrow.



Please make checks payable to Camp Goalz and mail to:

8941 ATLANTA AVE. #324.

For more information call (818) 370-4186


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