Career Options for US Veterans

by Frida Cooper


After serving in the military for decades, many veterans find it difficult to adjust to life. Coming back home after being away on active duty for so long can leave you feeling restless because you realize you have nothing to keep you occupied for the entire day. It’s the right time to find a job and with all the skills and expertise you have garnered before you got discharged from military service, there are plenty of career opportunities you can choose from, such as:


Construction Manager

Construction managers are in charge of overlooking construction projects from start to finish. As someone who has served years in the armed forces and gained enough managing experience, being a construction manager is a great option. Though a formal degree in construction isn’t mandatory, it’s certainly preferred by the employers. The job outlook for this field is 17% and will continue to grow. As the population increases the demand for residential and commercial buildings will naturally follow. You’ll find certificate programs through the Construction Management Association of America (AMAA).

Median pay: $83860 per year


Human Resources Manager

CNN Money lists HR manager as one of its top 20 career options for retired military personnel. HR managers are responsible for employee staffing and training, handling compensation and benefits, and developing HR policies for the organization. If you have worked as a recruiter in the military, you probably already have a knack for developing good employee relations, resolving employee conflict, and are well-versed with programs and regulations related to HR administration. A bachelor’s or master’s degree in HR is what employers would prefer to see on your resume if you covet this career. The employment growth for HR managers is expected to steadily increase by 13% in the coming decade; so I think it’s a great choice for those with excellent interpersonal skills!

Median pay: $99,180 per year


Customer Service Representative

Resolving customer issues and providing information to customers about the organization’s products and services primarily make up the job duties of customer service reps. And here’s good news – customer service reps can now work virtually from anywhere. Alpine Access and Newcorp provide home-based customer service jobs, giving you the flexibility to work from practically anywhere! Statistics report a steady 15% employment growth rate for this vocation and I think we can rest assured it won’t decline; because consumers aren’t likely to stop complaining about products and services they pay for!

Median pay: $30,460 per year


Medical Transcriptionist

When it comes to home-based careers, how can medical transcription be far behind? It’s a vocation highly desired by people who cannot travel to work every day for various reasons. For veterans returning to civilian life with disabilities, this can be a good career option for you. Interpreting the doctors’ voice recordings and transcribing them into patient records and discharge summaries is typically what a medical transcriptionist does. You can still take it up even if you have no prior experience in healthcare. Training is offered by hundreds of institutes. You’ll find MyCAA approved online schools like CareerStep that offer funding options for military spouses. They also offer military service members and their families military discounts for many of their programs.

Median pay: $32,900 per year



Virtual Assistant

Yes, you guessed that right! Virtual – home-based! Professionals providing administrative services to offices, medical centers are termed as virtual assistants. They could work as office assistants, paralegal secretaries, or assistants in a doctor’s office, but work remotely. All you need are good networking skills, basic computer knowledge and high speed Internet and telephone lines, and you’re all set! Employment in this field is expected to increase by 12% till 2020 and the ever-increasing gas prices will only see a gradual rise in the number of virtual assistants! Begin your search by looking up Virtual Assistants or Virtual Assistant Jobs.

Median pay: $34,660 per year


Police Officer

A career highly desired by veterans! Long  years of active duty equips veterans with perceptiveness, sound judgment, leadership skills, and above all, physical stamina. In fact, veterans are often the first choice for law enforcement officials! The employment rate for this respected profession stands at 7%; and the increasing need for public safety will only lead to new positions. For many veterans, a life in law enforcement is an easy transition from military service. Discover whether this option may be right for you.

Median pay: $55,010 per year


That’s not all. There are several other options you can choose from, depending upon personal preferences and your level of education. They provide a lot of stability and will ease your transition into civilian life while helping you earn a steady paycheck. Some of these are:

–          Social worker

–          Pharmacist

–          Registered Nurse

–          Financial Services

–          Logistician


The armed forces is an excellent training ground for a variety of skill sets which can come in handy even after you’ve been discharged from service. It’s great to see retired military personnel taking up a variety of career opportunities and the unemployment rate for veterans tapering off, according to Veterans, with all their know-how can put their hard-earned skills to good use in whatever career they choose to take up!



The job growth and median pay figures for all careers sourced from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics at


Frida Cooper has been working as a career guidance counselor for about 12 years. She’s stayed on top of growing industry trends through market research and interaction with young students and working professional alike. Her hobbies include swimming, meditation and music. She believes that everyone can enjoy a lucrative career by paying close attention to their passions and aptitudes. Of late, Frida has been focused on researching work-from-home opportunities for stay-at-home moms or professionals who would like to supplement their income.




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