THE CREDARA TRILOGY

Book One:

CREDARA: Rise of the Kraylen

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Written by J E Henderson

Copyright © 2012; Published 2013

The Story :

It has been thousands of years since the end of the Great War… since Lucifer and his Kraylen horde were defeated by the Sitcian Angels… since the power of the heavenly urn, the Credara, cast the rogue angels forever out of Heaven and onto the earth… since Lucifer was cast down and locked forever into the depths of Hell. God won this battle. But for Lucifer’s General, Licronus, the war was not over. He vowed that the Kraylen would rise again. That time has come.


The only life that Agean has ever known is as a monk of the Holy Order of God.  Rebellious and disobedient, drink and gambling have become his escape from a life not of his choosing, and from haunting visions of a past he cannot remember. But everything quickly changes when a series of events causes the Elders of the Order to realize that what they have feared for centuries is now coming to pass. Starting with the brutal murder of Agean’s family, the Kraylen have set in motion a sinister plot against God and have unleashed a terrible wrong upon mankind. Having learned the truth, angry and filled with hatred for the demons who took his family, Agean then learns something even more unimaginable. He is the Sitcian, the one earthly being able to wield the power of the Credara, born to gather the Army of God and lead them against Licronus and the Kraylen menace. Agean must set things right before the clock runs out… and before mankind is doomed.


Credara: Rise of the Kraylen takes us on the journey of Agean, a reluctant hero who must fight his way through anger and vengeance in order to reach his Godly destiny. He must defeat his own demons in order to discover the true Sitcian within. With the help of the Credara, the heavenly hawk Flittorin, and his fellow warriors, he will solve a dangerous puzzle, only to find that Licronus has something far more treacherous in mind. Agean’s journey is a race against time that will ultimately define him. But before he can save mankind, he must first save himself. And the key to everything is – The Credara.


About The Author:

J E Henderson has been creating imaginative stories since his early years as a child growing up in Chicago. By his early twenties it was clear, a career in writing would be his life’s pursuit and he relocated to Los Angeles. Enjoying modest success early on in television, he continued to pursue his passion for writing for more than 25 years. His love for fantasy fiction eventually led him down the path to fiction novelist. The Credara Trilogy represents just one of the many fantasy stories he plans to bring to life for his growing list of fans. J E continues to reside in the  Los Angeles area. You can keep up with J E by following him on Twitter at @CredaraScribe and liking “The Credara Trilogy” Facebook page.  You can also find him online at


Published by:

Arc-Pen Publishing

P.O. Box 66160

Mar Vista, CA  90066



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