Documentary Director Eileen Yaghoobian Laundhes “SENDMEYOURSEXTS”







T’is the season to be naughty!
Filmmaker Eileen Yaghoobian (“Died Young, Stayed Pretty”) just kicked off her new project dubbed “Send Me Your Sexts” – a newly launched provocative pay-for-film service.


“Send Me Your Sexts” is both a service and an online video platform, which features original short reenactments of user-submitted sexts. The simple but daring concept relies on the idea that people’s dirty messages/sexts should be Eileen’s next script! The online outlet allows sexters to turn their own digital missive into soft-core online entertainment.


eileen2“Send me your Sexts” couldn’t have come at a more perfect time. With the ridiculous massive success of E.L. James’ “Fifty Shades of Grey”, some are speculating that erotic filmmaking is about to make a huge comeback. It’s clear that the immensely popular New-York Time Bestseller has already jump-started a new era of erotic content. If anything the erotica kind that turns women on is being talked about in a way that is relatable by a larger number of women, making it more and more acceptable for mainstream press to cover it.


Once upon a time not too long ago the good old-fashioned love letter dominated the scene as the main medium for writing your lover.
But today, in our tech-centric culture, nothing gets the blood pumping like a good sext. Sexting is definitely an epidemic that has spread like wild fire.  Clearly celebrities in the likes of Blake Lively, Miley Cyrus and Rihanna are not the exception to the rule.  Sexting is quite popular and prevalent with the ladies.


Harlequin, the popular romance novel publisher, ran a survey with women that reported that 43% of women talk dirty through texts.


Furthermore, of that 43%, a whopping two-thirds said they would only send racy messages while in a serious relationship, while 35% only need a few dates before they’re ready to start sexting.


Other findings included that the sweeping majority, 91 percent of the women polled, believe dating rules have become more flexible.
“There is a real need to curate an online persona as much as a real-life presence in an extremely connected society,” said Michelle Renaud, Senior Manager, Public Relations, Harlequin (


This is where Eileen Yaghoobian comes in. The inspiration behind “Send Me Your Sexts” derives from the documentary entitled “The Act of Killing” and its use of reenactments, but it is also  drawing on Yaghoobian’s own background in documentary and theater.
The Iranian-born Canadian filmmaker created a name for herself with her critically acclaimed, first, full-length documentary film titled “Died Young, Stayed Pretty”, a candid look at the underground poster culture in North America. The documentary arose out of tragedy, as she began making it after the death of one of her brothers.


Yaghoobian’s formal training in filmmaking, 3D animation, theatre, and photography provided a foundation for her diverse career as a director, production designer, and set decorator for numerous independent productions in Canada and the United States. Yaghoobian’s short films and videos have screened at national and international festivals as well as art exhibitions.


For many years, she was best known for her photography, particularly her grid pieces which composited thematically linked images, and had her work in the permanent collections of such esteemed institutions as George Eastman House International Museum of Photography and Film, the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston and Paris’ Bibliothèque Nationale. Parallel with her career as a still photographer, she worked in U.S. and Canadian films in roles such as costume designer on Rock ‘n’ Roll Frankenstein (1999) and set decorator on Boricua’s Bond.


So how exactly does it work?

1. Screen shot some of your sexts. Scroll way back and send me the steamiest, silliest or most shocking ones you can.
2. Upload them here and check out using the form. Just $80 will get you up to 6 minutes of video shot professionally with cast.
3. Watch them come to life. You’ll get an e-mail with a link to the video when it’s ready.


Each sext video are set to run from one to six minutes.  The story as well as casting are both left to Eileen’s own interpretation of the scenario emanating from the submitted sext-threads. Candidates can choose to divulge their identity or remain anonymous. A never seen before concept featuring short films by users who have paid her to dramatize their sexts.


In a visual world, sexts now have a viable platform to come to life!




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