El Grande de Coca-Cola Review by Rose Desena

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                   El Grande de Coca-Cola       

Written by: Ron House, Diz White, Alan Sherman, John Neville-Andrews


Review by Rose Desena


I could sum up this play in just a few words: silly, ridiculous and fun. However, my editor would probably grumble and refuse to post it and then the theater and the publicist would be upset.  So I am going to write a few more words, ok maybe a sentence or two and then everyone will be happy.


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Senor Don Pepe Hernandez has a club somewhere in Podunk, south of border. He has big ambitions for this little club and manages to convince everyone, including his uncle who owns a Coca- Cola bottling plant, that he has a great show coming up with an international cast. The uncle puts up some cash and the Don gets a crew of actors and away we go. What a show!


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Lila Dupree and Nina Brissey are his stars, who also happen to be his daughters. He also has to hot guys but it’s not clear if they are his sons.  The crew goes from number to number in little outfits enticing the audience.


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Lila Dupree opens as the flirtatious candy girl looking for a sugar daddy among the audience.  David Lago is a blind blues musician from America; Jackson and Dupree share a Tango number from Argentina but I am certain they have never been there.  Add a sketchy magician with a questionable levitation act and a lunatic drummer and well you get the picture.


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Its 75 minutes of pure silliness. The cast is delightful. Great costumes and accents so bad they were actually good, mixed with zany skits make this just plain fun. Oh, I forgot to mention the Don, who MC’s the show speaks really bad Spanish, but don’t worry most words are pronounced in English with an o at the end.


If you are one of those theater patrons who seek intellectual content or flawless musicals, sorry this is not your show.  However we could all use a little senseless entertainment.  I laughed so hard my stomach hurt, a therapist friend of mine says laughter is the best therapy so save the money on your shrink this week and check this out. You will have money left over to have a glass of wine and a cookie at the theater.


If you’re a lover of the ridiculous I highly recommend El Grande De Coca Cola.


                  EL Grande De Coco Cola

Director: Alan Shearman

Written by: Ron House, Diz White, Alan Sherman, John Neville-Andrews

Cast: Lila Dupree, Aaron Jackson, Nina Brissey, Ron House, David Lago, Paul Denk

Runs until Aug.31st Friday and Saturday @8pm Sunday @2pm – Free Parking, love that.

Ruskin Group Theatre, 3000 Airport Avenue, Santa Monica, CA 90405.


4 Roses Rating



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