Exit Through The Gift Shop by Tracey MacDonald

by Tracey MacDonald

I have been living in Hollywood for almost ten years. I went home for the Holidays to Nova Scotia Canada and my first day back I see a huge line up all the way down La Brea. The people are waiting to get into a five-story building that looks condemned with a giant tomato soup Mr. Brainwash. I guess the brainwashing is working because so many of Hollywood’s trendiest young people are waiting.

 People in Hollywood don’t like to wait. I had a homeless guy ask me to get him a not only a coffee but a vanilla latte and then he complained I took ‘Too long” What I am trying to say is that we are spoiled.

 If you have not seen the film on Net flicks Mr. Brainwash is the latest street artist and had his big show after the Holidays. He is a graffiti artist some say is unoriginal because he is making changes to original art.

 We have not figured out who Banksy is and that has had everyone talking. Hmmm…with Mr. Brainwash he says it is all about the art. Many people think that he is hacking off Banksy. Could he be hacking off gossip blogger Perez Hilton? After all he simply sprays white lines from the paint program on his computer over celebrity photos.

 Come on people think about it. An eye patch spray-painted on a Mona Lisa for forty thousand dollars? Wow. This guy is a genius! In THIS Economy that can’t be easy. Sure you could say this is similar to putting bad rap music over hit songs. After all the original art is already they’re just with an “alternative twist” but hey this is Hollywood and I wouldn’t change living here for the world tomato cans or not. I am going to check out his next show. Look for a large tomato can near you.

 Sunday, Jan. 8, will was the final day of Mr. Brainwash’s Art Show 2011, an exhibition which has drawn thousands each day to behold the childlike imagination of Thierry Guetta.




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