Art Works of Fariba Ameri and Gregg Chadwick : Review

 Art works


Fariba Ameri and Gregg Chadwick


Reviewed by Rose Desena

I have not been to the Santa Monica studios at the Santa Monica airport in quite a while. It seems over the past few years the work has gotten a lot more sophisticated. There was so much really good work I could have just moved in and stayed a week talking and exploring the minds of these talented artists.  With a lot of mixed media and contemporary styling, the work was across-the-board excellent, but what really caught my eye was some of the painters. Had I the time and preparation, I would have loved to do interviews with some of these talented artists.


The open studios were open over two weekends and only happens two times a year, in the Spring and Fall. This particular event started in mid-September. But given the scope of the city, it’s just not possible to be everywhere.  I got there later in the evening on Saturday and the studios were very busy with people chatting and enjoying the scene.   Below are a couple of artists I think are worth mentioning. You will enjoy looking at their work via their web pages. The links are below. Enjoy. Also check out the web site for the art studios at the airport. A lot of artists told me they open their studios there as well so I suggest you get on a mailing list or contact some of the artists directly from the websites.



Fariba Ameri, her work has a magical feel, I love the series “Women of All Ages” She took a few minutes to explain the story behind one of her works.  I could have talked with her for hours. She is a deep complex artist whose work expresses passion and history.

Fariba Ameri website:



Gregg Chadwick, his work is mystical and mythical but not in a trendy way.  His strokes and skilled use of oils is excellent and shows his well-trained hand. I didn’t get much time to speak with him but he had a warm smile and he a gracious manner. His work seems to reflect his experiences, his visions. It seems he is inspired by travels or common ordinary things he sees and then interprets the vision through his brush.  Some of the work I saw at the gallery was new but after seeing his web site I realized he has a lot of work I really would love to own old and new.  I love his painting “Hanami Rain” and “Road Movie” both on the web site.

Gregg Chadwick website:




Open studios at the Santa Monica airport. Oct 14th.

3026 Airport Ave, Santa Monica Ca. 90405



This weekend I will be at the Brewery art walk (in the warehouse district just north of downtown and accessible off the 5 and 110 freeways), a community of live-in artists who offer very eclectic and fine art.  There will be both installation and performance work.  I am looking forward to this event. – Rose Desena



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