Fawaz Gruosi Blue Night and Diamonds Party

On August 8th, the annual birthday party of Fawaz Gruosi, the founder of the luxurious jewelry brand De Grisogono took place near the beach at the hotel Cala di Volpe. Every year the Designer throws lavish birthday parties with this years theme being “Blue Nights and Diamonds.” Guest were informed of the highly exclusive event by eleborate invitations that resembled passports to “transport” guest to Fawaz Gruosi’s LOVE Birthday Party Porto Cervo,” Five hundred esteemed guests flew from all over the world to attend the event of the year.


Invitation to party

Prior to the event, The Dia Diaries was invited on a tour into De Grisogono store at the Cala di Volpe Hotel. We were immediately blown away by the sparkle of diamonds, emeralds and other precious stones that harmoniously blended, producing a dazzling rainbow. The energy in the hotel was almost tangible. With excitement buzzing in the air, some guests were there for the celebration, others were just curiously looking around, trying to take a peek at the store, sensing something special was happening that night. The designer roamed through the intimate space like guardian watching over their children. Due to his unique way of wielding different stones, his creations turn into masterpieces. Though he has reached a celebrity status and gained immense fame over the years, Gruosi has remained a humble and kind gentleman.


Jewels inside the De Grisogono store in the hotel Cala di Volpe.

Upon entering into the venue, we were mesmerized by an entrance paved with gorgeous jewelry, each of them elegantly placed in a glass case. A captivating white board with the words “LOVE” and “Fawaz Gruosi’s Birthday Party” written repeatedly, was used as backdrop for the stars to take pictures. The party was graced with celebrities and royals such as Italian model and showgirl Valeria Marini, the famous Italian TV host Simona Ventura, the Countess Marta Marzotto and her granddaughter, the artist Margherita Marzotto, the Italian business man known for Formula, 1 Flavio Briatore and the Prince of Venice and Piedmont Emmanuele Filiberto to name a few. At the other end of the venue, there were huge white letters with lights inside spelling the word “Love”. This was an iconic place to take pictures and several celebrities such as model and actress Alessia Tedeschi and former Guess, model and TV personality Victoria Silvstedt, did just that. In the garden, around the open bar, white chairs and tables with white candles were nicely positioned for invitees to sit, but most people preferred standing as appetizers were passed during the cocktail hour. Just as you silently thought “This can’t get any better” fireworks magically lit up the sky for five minutes to officially announce the beginning of the party.


Jewelry displayed at the entrance of the party

Set up of the party during cocktail hour

From left to right: Flavio Briatore and Elisabetta Gregoraci, Countess Marta Morzotto, Simona Ventura and Gian Carraro

From left to right, top to bottom: Victoria Silvstedt, Alessia Tedeschi, Margherita Marzotto and Barthelemy D’Ollone

A candle-lit pathway lead us to a white tent with tables for dinner. White candles and brown Moroccan lamps were placed all around the tent; the ceiling decorated with blue lights and white dots gave the illusion of sitting inside a giant diamond, it was fabulous. Each table had a name. The centerpieces were round and filled with crystals. Each person had their own menu and as soon as everyone sat down, a three-course meal was served. While the guests were having dinner, “The Goldsingers” (Fawaz favorite band) set the mood of the night and played until 1a.m. Although there were more than 500 guests, the atmosphere was intimate with everyone greeting each other like a family reunion.

From left to right: Prince Giovanelli, Elisabetta Gregoraci with Mara Venier and Simona Ventura, Countess Marta Marzotto with photographer Marco Glaviano, Margherita Marzotto with Fawaz Gruosi, Gian Carraro with Simona Ventura and Prince Emanuele Filiberto.

From left to right: Elisabetta Gregoraci with Flavio Briatore, Massimo Gargia with Monika Bacardi, Caludia Galanti, Marta Brivio Sforza with Monika Bacardi and Marta Marzotto

Among some things that really stood out, was the way the women matched designer dresses by Elie Saab, Versace, Etro, Balmain and so on with remarkable pieces of jewelry. Some of them featured great pieces from De Grisogono. What took center stage at that party was definitely the jewels! Then came time to sing Happy Birthday, with a three-story cake topped with a royal blue bow. After taking a few pictures in front of the cake, Fawaz announced the most anticipated performance of the night, Mika! The Lebanese-British singer gave a 45-minute acoustic performance of his most popular songs such as: “Blame it on the girls”, “Boum Boum Boum”, “Relax take it easy”. He managed to have everyone on the dance floor the whole time. Everyone enjoyed this special appearance; it was the highlight of the night! The magical evening came to a close but not before guest headed to the beach for an after-party, where guests danced the night away until 5:30 AM.

From left to right: Fawaz Gruosi and Mika and Birthday Cake

Fawaz Gruosi’s annual birthday party in Porto Cervo is a catalyst for the island as it attracts hundreds of people. The whole year, people wait for this celebration and therefore it has become an economic booster for Sardinia, as the hotels are fully booked and the forty taxis of the coastal area get to work around the clock.

Written by: Anne- Isabelle Saint Pierre

CHANDIA BRENNENChandia Brennen is a Certified Image Consultant and CEO of ItsGood2bME Fashion Consulting and Image Management based in Los Angeles CA, Chandia has been in the Fashion industry for over four years. She has worked for dozens of publications and holds the title of Senior Fashion Editor in both LA and NY. Chandia is a fashion scout for a Design Agency in NY and Brand Ambassador for HairEverywhere Luxury.


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