Flayvr Spotlight: One of 2013’s Best New Apps

                              Flayvr Spotlight:

                      One of 2013’s Best New Apps


By: Erin Richards-Kunkel


Over the past few years, smartphones have allowed us to capture our everyday experiences with more detail and accuracy.


We can snap great photos with flash, zoom, focus and filters, edit videos, sync our calendars and access our email, and share all of it straight from the palm of our hands. But the new tools comes a price: chaos. Our phones are cluttered full of our assorted info, full of photos, videos and information.


2013’s new wave of apps aim to organize this chaos, making advances in sharing, organization, synching, storage and more. One of the most talked about photo sharing apps is Flayvr, featured on TechCrunch, Business Insider and recently the recipient of the Appy Awards Best New Photography App.


Essentially, when you have a log of photos, scrolling through the camera roll trying to find that cloud picture from last year can be timely and arduous task. This is where Flayvr shines; it does the work of creating albums for us, directly from our phones, simply and automatically.


Flayvr is a photo sharing app that organizes your photos saved to your camera roll into organized albums. The albums are grouped by info included date, location as well as events in your calendar. If you add an event into your calendar and take photos, Flayvr will recognize this, and group those particular photos into an album.


Born out of the need to quickly and easily find that perfect shot, CEO and co-founder Ron Levy wanted Flayvr users to almost be able to re-live their precious moments, “it gives people a really compelling experience,” said Levy, “It’s as if they were back, feeling that moment again.”


Flayvr also focuses on sharing, make integration simple and easy, sharing to Facebook, Twitter and more “with just one click,” said Levy. The ability to share a complete album, streamlines the process of adding individual photos to a platform like Facebook, where the process can take some effort.  Some brands are already taking note, and sharing Flayvr albums and Levy suspects more brands will join as well.


Users are also impressed.  Social media professional and visual media blogger Dirk Singer (‏@dirktherabbit) tweeted “Testing out @flayvr which automatically sorts your photos into collections – v impressed so far.”


Social corresponding and live host Sarah Evans (@prsarahevans) tweeted “Loving the UX of the iOS #Flayvr app — auto-creates photo and video slide shows from your photo album.”


But besides finding those special moments, Levy also says that users are using Flayvr in their everyday lives, skipping the camera roll gallery altogether in lieu of Flavyr.


“It’s everything that comes to life,” said Levy. “Users are starting to use Flayvr automatically and not even use the native photo gallery anymore because everything is organized on that timeline.”


For users with lots of photos, videos and other experiences stored on their phones, Flayvr is so effectively streamlined that is almost deceptively simple and at the same time, absolutely necessary.


Currently, Flayvr is available on iPhone and is expected to debut on Android in the next few months.


Erin Richards-Kunkel is a Los Angeles-based journalist whose articles have appeared in the Times Community News,Pasadena Sun, Los Angeles Daily News, The Daily Breeze and the Valley Scene Magazine. She loves to explore and write about the unknown the lighter side of L.A.; looking into the hidden corners and presenting the little-known story in print with a visual feast of multimedia elements



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