GENESIS SUMMIT 2014: Rapid, Integrative Gestalt and Ophanim: Angelic Kabbalah Healing

 WOODLAND HILLS, CA- January 22, 2014. Beurin University is excited to offer trainings and certifications for the first time ever to participants outside the PhD program. The University has designed these growth experiences for those who feel called to connect to the heart-centered healer within. Beurin University Dean Dr. Colby Forman states, “whether the call is to create more joy and power in your own life or to guide others to resources for thriving, you will have the opportunity to discover and expand your gifts as you participate in these programs. We look forward to connecting with you.”


The Genesis Summit will take place from January 29th, 2014 to February 2nd, 2014, in Woodland Hills, CA. Register for any of these courses and the specific location and timetable will be emailed to you.


1)           Energy & Consciousness of Essential Oils (Thursday 7pm to 9pm)
(This course is by Dean’s invitation only) Course proffered by guest teachers, Lemia Astarabadi and Joshua Bowser.  The scent, energy and consciousness of pure essential oils aid in remembrance of our interconnectedness with all of Nature. Reclaiming your relationship with Nature is the most direct route back to yourself and the manifestation of your Personal Destiny.


2)           Rapid Integrative Gestalt – A Quantum Leap Forward in Feeling Whole
(Wednesday 3:30pm to 6pm, Thursday 3pm to 6pm and Friday 4:45pm to 6pm)
(This certification course is open to the public with limited seating) The concept behind Gestalt is to integrate into the collective of our “whole” self the disowned, rejected, unintegrated aspects of ourselves that cause fragmentation, self-sabotage and ultimately unhappiness.
Fritz Pearls, Gestalt founder, states that only by reintegrating the disowned parts of ourselves into our collective, whole selves, can we regain our wholeness and make choices that truly honor our whole selves and provide us with long term effectiveness and happiness.  With our understandings in Psychoneurology, we have been able to greatly accelerate this process from 20 to 50 sessions to a single session or two with even greater results!


3)           Ophanim: Angelic Kabbalah Healing
(Wednesday 7:30pm to 9pm & Friday 7pm to 9pm)
(This certification course is open to the public with limited seating) Experience immediate and spontaneous elation and well-being from channeling the energies from Angels known in Kabbalah as Ophanim. Through this ancient practice practitioners can experience powerful healing through these Angelic forces. This healing practice taps into astrological energies available each day, week, and month. Those attending this workshop will come away with knowledge of how to fill every sephirah (chakra point) with light and tap into the angelic ruling energy of each day.


4)           Experience Serenity & Sublime Wisdom with a Himalayan Monk as our Honored Guest
Speaker. (Saturday and Sunday)
(This event is by Dean’s invitation only) Evenings of divine blessings, spiritual philosophy discourse and Sanskrit peace chants. A rare opportunity for an up-close experience with an erudite saint.


For more information contact Duffy at Beurin University Administration, 877-282-9355
And to register go to:


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