Givenchy Spring/ Summer 2016 at NY Fashion Week


Runway, models, designers, new collections, four words—

New York Fashion Week.

This year, New York Fashion Week takes place from September 10-17.

Photo: Givenchy NYFW 2015 (Credit: ELLE)

A myriad of well-known designers gathered here for this special week in September to showcase their new collections and sit front row to view other designers’ pieces. But if we want to discuss a prominent designer and his new Givenchy Spring/Summer 2016 Collection, it most definitely has to be Riccardo Tisci.
The Givenchy event just so happened to be held on one of America’s most mournful days, September 11. Tisci acknowledged this sensitive day and described this collection as “full of love” and “romantic”. Back in June this year, Tisci discussed with Women’s Wear Daily, “the show is going to be a celebration of family and love.” Nonetheless, Tisci did not disappoint. His collection was simply exquisite.

Traditionally, Givenchy is presented in Paris; however, Riccardo Tisci decided to move this collection to New York this year. That was not the only change. Tisci also chose to collaborate with his friend Marina Abramovic. Abramovic, an artistic director of the show, opted for a structured theme. She created a set that included recycled materials and music from several different cultures and religions. Her goal was to capture the intense and heartfelt emotions this day drew for the people in America.

Celebrities such as Nicki Minaj, Vera Wang, Courtney Love, and many more made their appearances at this Givenchy event.

Photo (left to right): Nicki Minaj, Amanda Seyfried, Jennifer Hudson (Credit: Indigital)


Photo: Kanye and Kim before the Givenchy show. (Credit: Reuters)


The fashion crowd gathered around while waiting for the show to begin. Finally, the lights dimmed and a dramatic bell sound resonated the area. Operatic music began playing and the first model made her way down the catwalk. Delicate, lace cream camisoles with long black peplums designed in various ways on each of the female models. Think ‘90s Dior—stunning slip dresses with loose fitting robe coats. Tisci included menswear as well for this collection. Black and white tuxedo suits—some mesh, some solid, some with shorts, and some with trousers. The women wore oxford-like laced-up heels and then men wore black and white oxford-like loafers.

The audience was in absolute awe of Tisci’s creations. Each piece was tailored to perfection and no doubt the people in the audience were dying to wear any of the designs. The colors consisted of black, white, and gold. These couture pieces were reminiscent of fashion from the ‘20s and ’30s. Things Coco Chanel would wear. Exquisitely stunning and breathtaking.


Photo: Givenchy Women Spring/Summer 2016 Collection (Credit: Indigital)


Photo: Givenchy Men Spring/Summer 2016 Collection (Credit: Indigital)



Photo: Kendall Jenner walks Givenchy Spring/Summer 2016. (Credit: AP Images)

As if Tisci did not already work his magic with his phenomenal laced pieces and tailored tuxedos, he added face masks on several of the models. Face masks? Sound strange, right? Not when Riccardo Tisci does it. A team of artists constructed unique and elaborate face masks for the models. A series of gold, beads, and even fabric covered the faces of the models walking the runway. The masked models captured femininity. Each mask drew different emotions—some were fierce, others were more graceful. Makeup artist, Pat McGrath said “Riccardo wanted a softness, but also a strangeness.”


Photos: Givenchy Face Masks Spring/Summer 2016 (Credit: Indigital & Kevin Tachman)



Photo: Givenchy NYFW 2015 on Pier 26. (Credit: Lucas Jackson/Reuters)

The event itself took place at Pier 26 because of its breathtaking view of the New York City lights and streets.

Well, here’s to another year, another collection of Givenchy, and what can we say? We are in absolute awe of what this collection came to be. The Givenchy event most definitely was divinely inspiring and moving. Tisci and Abramovic made the entire show a night to remember. The set Abramovic created gave an incredible street-style feel and Tisci’s extraordinary collection brought about love and memories of the past back to us. This special day (September 11) is the day for reminiscing about the memories we once had with those we lost. Fashion is like an idea. Like fashion, these people never truly leave us, they just continue to grow with us in our hearts. Their presence is gone but the idea and memories remain.

Written By: The Dia Diaries Fashion Contributor, Tiffany Tran
CHANDIA BRENNENChandia Brennen is a Certified Image Consultant and CEO of ItsGood2bME Fashion Consulting and Image Management based in Los Angeles CA, Chandia has been in the Fashion industry for over four years. She has worked for dozens of publications and holds the title of Senior Fashion Editor in both LA and NY. Chandia is a fashion scout for a Design Agency in NY and Brand Ambassador for HairEverywhere Luxury.


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