The Good Negro Reviewed by Rose Desena


                          The Good Negro

This Week in Theater

Reviewed by Rose Desena


The time and place; 1962 and Birmingham, Alabama, the most segregated city in the country.  A four year old child sits crying on a cold jail cell floor alone for six hours, while her mother a soft spoken doctor is beaten, arrested and humiliated for allowing her daughter to use the wrong bathroom: the bathroom marked for whites.



This factual story moves along and can only add up to one thing in the end: the start of the civil rights movement that reaffirmed equal rights for Afro-Americans. Phrederic Semaj (James Lawrence) is obviously portraying Martin Luther King Jr. in this great tale of struggle and sacrifice. Tracy Scott Wilson was behind the pen that brings this historical drama to the stage. We are reminded of the Ku Klux Klan’s despicable horrors, the ugly ignorance that surrounded the Deep South and the FBI’s feeble attempt to sabotage the movement and bring down Martin Luther King.



Like all stories, Wilson adds a nice flow while she brings to light sacrifices and the courage it took to sustain this movement.  We also get a glimpse of the personal struggles of Mr. King and his demons that caused a lot of anger within the movement.



Michael Phillip (Director) has a good grip on his actors and brings the best out in all of them. Latarsha Rose is perfect as Claudette Sullivan and her husband Hawthorne James (Pelzie Sullivan) is very convincing. To be honest, the whole cast was not only good but I could feel their dedication and passion they shared for this emotional production. I think our young people need to be reminded of the guts it took to have the freedoms Afro-Americans now have. What better way than on the stage!



There is no need to say anymore, celebrate the birthday of Martin Luther King Jr. and check out The Good Negro. Make a night of it, the Hudson theater has a good bar and café so you can enjoy some goodies before the show and to make things better there is parking for a mere 5.00$.

Photographer: Ian Foxx


                        The Good Negro

Written: Tracy Scott Wilson

Directed: Michael Phillips

Cast: (there are too casts this is Red)

Yetide Badaki, Darius Boorn, Al Garrett, Hawthorne James,

Kristopher Lencowski, Steven Grove Mallory, Latarsha Rose,

Pherderic Semaj, Greg Winter.


                     The Hudson Theater

 6539 Santa Monica Blvd

Reservations: 323 960 7774

Through Feb 24th


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