The Grand Irrationality Reviewed by Rose Desena


                      The Grand Irrationality

This Week in Theater

Review by Rose Desena


What’s real or what’s Illusion?


These are the questions that come up during this amusing philosophical production, which LA is hosting its world premiere. A family struggles to communicate, as a young man fights to get an account for his company. A young professional woman seeks love, and a single mother needs help. This all mixes with life determining decisions that could be just destiny for them all.


The story is an emotional roller coaster of self-exploration. Gregory Marcel (Guy) works for an advertising agency; he is competing to win an account for an interesting drink that targets women and their spiritual side.



The company’s product manager (Kirsten Kollender) is young, sexy, blond and very ambitious. Guy’s boss (James Donovan) is ruthless, and he must have this account.  Guy, determined to make it in the company and impress his boss, manipulates the situation to his benefit but in the end, he asks himself, “Was it worth it?


In the meantime, Murray ( Peter Elbling), Guy’s estranged father, is not only back in his life but he is living on his couch, and Guy’s sister Rose ( Mina Badie)  is suffering from a break down after the delivery of her baby, and she faces some serious moral dilemmas.  She desperately needs help, guidance and a good antidepressant cocktail.



Added to this personality mix is Vivenne (Bess Meyer), a French temptress, a good dose of betrayal, a little shagging, and you have the reason for existential questioning. Now, as if the recipe isn’t complicated enough, playwright Jemma Kennedy adds astrology, and voila, it’s like a full moon on the 12th night of a bad month with a slew of black cats running by.


This dysfunctional family has some strong decisions as does everyone in the cast. Do we use our free will to recreate our destiny or do we fall prey to the physic universe’s future for us. Stay tuned in the end you just might be surprised.


The acting was flawless with good rapid dialog that made this play all that more enjoyable.


John Pleshette (Director) does some interesting staging that moves us through time and place seamlessly. Although the constant set changes are a bit monotonous, they do not deter from this tight, well-directed production.


Put “The Grand Irrationality” on your calendar! You will enjoy it, and I am sure you will have a few questions of your own.


PHOTOGRAPHER: Dima Otvertchenko


                        The Lost Studio

130 La Brea Avenue, Los Angeles, Ca.90036

Ticket info or call 323 960 4443

Saturdays, Sundays at 8pm

Sundays at 4pm until March 3rd.

Playwright: Jemma Kennedy

Directed by: John Pleshette

Cast: Bess Meyer, Gregory Marcel, Mina Badie, James Donovan,

Peter Elbling, Kirsten Kollender.






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