Greuel, Leaders Condemn Attack Ads On Both Sides Targeting Latinos

Los Angeles – Wendy Greuel today continued her call for an end to the recent onslaught of false and intimidating attack ads targeting the Latino community with just days before the Mayoral election, and she demanded that her opponent follow her lead.


Greuel condemned the latest round of attacks as deceptive and offensive. She called on independent groups supporting both her and her opponent to remove the ads immediately, including two commercials that suggest Greuel supported Prop. 187 and question Garcetti’s Latino heritage.


Under pressure from prominent leaders, Garcetti acknowledged for the first time on social media this morning that the attack on Greuel was false, but failed to join Greuel in calling on the independent groups to stop the misleading ads.


Adding his voice to denouncing the Garcetti-supporter ads, former Secretary Henry Cisneros said, “that is the truth about Wendy Greuel’s firm opposition to Prop. 187. Politics should not obscure a clear truth.”


His full statement is included below.

With Latinos representing roughly half the City’s population and a third of its voters, Greuel said “Latinos deserve to be treated with respect, not coerced by the lowest kind political attacks meant to mislead and intimidate voters and I ask WendyGreuelPhotoThumbEric Garcetti to join me in demanding that these ads be removed immediately.”


“Minority communities have fought hard for their right to vote and we must not disrespect this legacy by engaging in degrading and deceitful mudslinging days before this important election,” said Greuel.

“We should be talking about how we can raise communities up and lead LA forward, not lowering the discourse. Angelenos deserve better,” concluded Greuel.


Full statement from former HUD Secretary Henry Cisneros:

“I can personally attest to Wendy Greuel’s opposition to Prop. 187. I participated in press conferences in opposition to Prop. 187 and Wendy was present on those occasions. She made her opposition known and campaigned against that divisive and harmful measure which cynically exploited Latinos and immigrants. That is the truth about Wendy Greuel’s firm opposition to Prop. 187. Politics should not obscure a clear truth,” said former U.S. Housing and Urban Development Secretary Henry Cisneros, who was Wendy’s boss in 1994.


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