Halloween Makeup Looks? YouTubers Teach You!

Pumpkin carvings, fall scented candles, and candy! You know what that means—it’s Halloween! What is everyone going to be this Halloween? Where are they getting their costumes?

We have a suggestion for you—it’s 2015, forget the costume buying. Let’s focus on the popular makeup looks. From sugar skulls to werewolves, you can use various makeup tools to achieve the potential character you want to be this special night! We have gathered a list of our 4 YouTubers who can teach you how to accomplish the Halloween look you want to go for. Of course you want to look ready for the night but still have some “glam” in you. Worry not, we have you covered and so do these YouTube gurus.
Girls, it’s the day OF Halloween and you still haven’t decided on what you’re going to be this year. Need something last minute? All you need are your everyday makeup essentials and some black clothing. Nothing too intricate right? Youtuber Fashion/Beauty guru, Sophia Chang (fashionista804) demonstrates one of the easiest costumes to put together and remains one of the more popular ideas amongst the girls. A cute, sexy cat.
“You’re invited to a last minute Halloween party and you have nothing to wear. . . and you can just throw on whatever outfit you have with it,” says Sophia in her video as she guides us through how to create the “cat makeup”.

Photo: Sophia Chang (fashionista804) “Last Minute Halloween Party Cat Makeup!” Video

Procrastination occurs here and there, so what better way to turn your last minute Halloween idea into a positive outcome? We agree with Sophia’s easy last minute “sexy cat” makeup look because anyone can achieve it in a short amount of time. Cute, sexy, and quick!

So this next one is for our girls who planned a few weeks prior to Halloween. Instead of the simplicity, you want complexity and detail. Well Sophia can help you go down that route as well. By combining your everyday makeup products and using little art supplies you have lying around, you can accomplish this delicate “mermaid” look.

Photo: Sophia Chang (fashionista804) “Dreamy Mermaid | Halloween” Video

Why go to the store and get Halloween supplies when you can just use your Naked eyeshadow palette and apply it all over your face accordingly to achieve a unique mermaid look? This look is definitely one you can customize to your preference because you are the artist and you have the ability to choose what colors you want to use and where you want to use it. Not only that, but talk about glamorous and Halloween ready!

So what is the first thing that pops up in your head when someone says “Halloween”? We’re guessing one of the many things that come to mind is a “skull” or a “skeleton”. Sounds gruesome, right? We know. But beauty guru Chrisspy (chrisspy) seems to portray the idea of a skull as something more chic and appealing. Only using white and black cream makeup and matte black eyeshadow to apply to the bottom half of her face, Chrisspy creates this intriguing half skull look. “I used a picture of Zombie Boy as my inspiration for this skull look,” she says. You can see the similarities her look has compared to Zombie Boy’s appearance.

Photo: Chrisspy (chrisspy) “Halloween Skull Makeup” Video

Who says a girl can’t rock a skull look and still not look fab? If Chrisspy can do it, you can too! Her look combines edge and dazzle all in one and we love it!

Clowns are known to be scary right? We fear that pale white face and bright red nose. Well, Chrisspy has a way of creating a clown look that actually isn’t quite as intimidating and creepy. Not only did she re-create a clown look, but she also incorporated her own style into the look and called it the “Gangster Clown”. We definitely think this look is for the girls who aren’t afraid of boundaries and will spice things up during Halloween.

Photo: Chrisspy (chrisspy) “Gangster Clown Halloween Tutorial” Video

Not every girl is open to being a clown for Halloween and on top of that, a gangster clown? Well, get your makeup ready and have your flannel shirt and baggy pants. Top it off with your confidence and you’re good to go for this Halloween! We enjoy this look because it displays a girl’s confidence and is definitely a different look.

As far as packing layers and layers of makeup on, beauty guru Dulce Candy will teach you her ways. There’s a little twist though—you’re not going to look so glamorous but trust us, you will still look good. With the pale, creepy look, Dulce guides you through her recreation of a “creepy broken doll” look. Ideally, this certain look is not going to appeal to everyone, but for our girls who are extremely engrossed into Halloween and actually want to look scary—this look is perfect for you!

Photo: Dulce Candy (dulcecandy) “Creepy Broken Doll Tutorial: Halloween” Video

We love this look because it’s most definitely one of the more daring looks for our gals out there. It is more time consuming, but the end result is definitely alluring and captivating. All eyes will be on you, that’s a promise.

Ew, don’t get us started on spiders. However, Dulce manages to catch our attention with her “spider” look for Halloween. Maybe it’s because it involved the glitter, the purple, and the ombré lip. Think glamorous and enchanting spider because that is what Dulce looks like with this Halloween makeup. “This would be a great look to rock on Halloween day because you will get lots of compliments, even if you don’t have the costume. This is an over the top, glittery, whimsical look”.
This look is suitable for teenage girls AND women because it’s a fun, easy look to accomplish with just the right amount of glam you will need. Definitely one our favorites because it transforms something not so well-liked to something you can be fond of.

Now, don’t think we forgot about our boys out there. Want something super crazy, intense and legitimate? Makeup artist, Alex Faction (alexfaction) is the special effects makeup artist that can create almost any look for you. Ranging from everyday makeup looks to his “31 Days of Halloween” series on his YouTube channel, Alex truly demonstrates his passion and talent for makeup. If you want a fierce and cutting-edge look, the werewolf recreation Alex did is perfect! Instead of using thick makeup cream, he actually approached the look with a different technique—Anastasia contouring kit, which is very pigmented. He deepens the cheekbones repetitively to achieve a more “textured” look, he says. Alex also gives tips such as telling us to “highlight, so parts of your face does not look flat”. The hair strokes he creates actually turn out really natural and werewolf like.

Photo: Alex Faction (alexfaction) “Werewolf Halloween Makeup Tutorial |
31 Days of Halloween” Video

We envy this look by Alex because of the different techniques he uses to apply the makeup. His precise stroking, and careful detailing is amazing! This doesn’t even necessarily have to be limited to a guy’s makeup, but girls are encouraged to pull this look off as well. Definitely makes us want get our makeup done for Halloween.

Windmills screeching, birds chirping, and out in the open farmland is a scarecrow. But when was the last time you’ve seen the character of a scarecrow actually appear frightening? Yes, not so often. But wait, Alex Faction manages to achieve another great Halloween look—his own version of a scarecrow. The primary reason why this look is a bit more spooky is because Alex chose to use black contacts that cover his entire eye area. “I like to get my mid-tone color . . . I like to see that depth in my face because it helps me focus on placement and depth,” he says while foundation onto his face. You cannot achieve this look without the techniques Alex shows you and the best part is—it’s super easy to do!

Photo: Alex Faction (alexfaction) “Scarecrow Halloween Makeup Tutorial |
31 Days of Halloween” Video


How much more creative can you get? Why not be a scarecrow and follow Alex’s step by step tutorial. We think this Halloween look is suitable for both men and women who are extremely into the holiday and are not afraid to pack on heavy makeup. It’s fun and eerie in a good way!
So overall, what is the point of even going out to buy a costume now when you can just stay in and create a Halloween look with just a few of your makeup tools? These Youtubers definitely made it easier for us. Now that you have more ideas for this upcoming Halloween weekend, let us know what look you decide to go for!

By: The Dia Diaries Fashion Contributor, Tiffany Tran
CHANDIA BRENNENChandia Brennen is a Certified Image Consultant and CEO of ItsGood2bME Fashion Consulting and Image Management based in Los Angeles CA, Chandia has been in the Fashion industry for over four years. She has worked for dozens of publications and holds the title of Senior Fashion Editor in both LA and NY. Chandia is a fashion scout for a Design Agency in NY and Brand Ambassador for HairEverywhere Luxury.


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