Hammer Down Reprise at The Improv Space by Adam Macy

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Hammer Down Reprise, an original play by Adam Macy, will run Saturdays in April at The Improv Space in Westwood. Hammer Down Reprise is the story of Dale, a legendary sofamaker in the Old West who overcomes a broken heart and the evil plots of Otto, the town’s mayor, to build an airplane with his bare hands.


The play is essentially a fictional telling of the invention of the airplane. Dale finds himself overwhelmed by his status in the town. His sofas are legendary. People travel West just to recline in a sofa built by Dale. His craftsmanship is unmatched.


But, he feels trapped by his social identity and burns down the sofa factory. Otto plots to destroy Dale by commissioning an altar for his own, hastily concocted wedding to Bianca.


Dale builds a joke of an altar, but with the wreckage of that wood, he summons the strength to build an airplane, allowing people to connect to lands and towns far away, so that they may realize that there are other Dales in other towns. The plane will allow the town to exchange goods and service, and most of all, the gift of empathy. Dale, obsessed with poetry, wishes to create a device that serves the same function as poetry. He wants to reach the invisible masses.


The high-minded play is also infused with a good deal of humor, often filled heavy doses of social and self-parody. Bianca is the only character who does not speak with grand eloquence. Dale’s romantic and philosophic speeches are often undercut gleefully by Otto, reminding him that he just a sofa maker.


The play will feature an ensemble of six actors. Matthew Ryan Carney will play Dale. Andrew Paslay will play Jasper, Dale’s loyal apprentice and conscience of the play. Samir Forghani, who played Flaco in The Improv Space’s production of Den of Thieves by Stephen Adly Guirgis, will play the role of Otto, the calculating and malevolent mayor the untitled township. Tim Limbrick plays Aron, Otto’s aide.


Dale’s estranged wife is played by Greek actress Mantha Balourdou. Otto’s hopelessly romantic girlfriend, Bianca, is played by Rosey Blair.


Hammer Down was originally produced in New York at Under St. Mark Theater in August 2010. Macy directed and played the lead character, Forbod.


In August 2012, Macy began revising the play with hopes of producing it at The Improv Space. He made it more distinctly American. He found and created more humor and parody. He changed the names of the characters and rewrote scenes completely. He added entirely new characters and scenes. He found a new tone of expression within the same story.


Tickets are ten dollars and are only available at the theater’s box office. The four performances will be April 6, 13, 20, 27 at 9 pm.


The Improv Space

954 Gayley Ave in Westwood, two doors down from the In N Out.

Adam Macy, Artistic & Managing Director


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