“Has Anybody Here Seen Roy?” Reviewed by Rose Desena



                    Has Anybody Here Seen Roy??

                                   A World Premiere Comedy

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Reviewed by Rose Desena

I am so pleased to see the Pierson Playhouse do something original. It’s a really nice theater in a beautiful setting nestled up on a hill in Pacific Palisades.

“Has Anybody Seen Roy” is a bit of a mystery mixed in with some good comedy and a lot of fun slyness. Roy, whom we never see, is a lying cheating bigamist who loves them and leaves them, leaving their bank accounts badly dented.  Four or five women, it was hard to keep track, all seem to come together on the West Side of Los Angeles just before the July 4th holiday.

It turns out good for them but bad for the larcenous Roy. Each woman has her own story about this creep with a golden voice.  Jean Segert-Smith ( Lara Doucettre), one of his wives, really believed he was just missing, with her $60,000.  Oh, what a silly girl! Lara does a good job convincing us she still has a place in his heart.

The other women pretty much want to lynch him, along with me. Catherine Rahm also plays a funny over the top caricature of a jilted wife. There is also a nice guy romance and of course, like all good mysteries, it unfolds in several layers. I loved the parade in the end and the staging was quite innovative.

The Palisades is a lovely little community where everyone seems to know each other.  July 4th is a big family day and everyone lines up on Sunset Blvd with chairs so they can relax and enjoy the parade. Every one brings food and goodies and cheers on the folks that make their neighborhood a pleasant place to live.

Diane Grant (the playwright) has been living in the Palisades since 1978, and her play depicts this Mayberry-like town to a T.  She had a good friend whose husband refused to buy her a new Cadillac, which was the inspiration for this play. I wonder if her friend’s husband was like Roy?

This is an enchanting story and very acceptable for the family. The Pierson Playhouse is a very gracious host, offering cookies and lemonade at intermission and free parking.  How about getting away from the video games and the gardening on a Sunday and venture over to the Pierson Playhouse and enjoy a slice of life.

Cast: Candice Courtny, Harold Dershimer, Lara Doucettre, Ria Parody Erlich, Hal Fisher, Samuel Goldman, Mylo Lam, Caherine Rahm, Clara Sao, Wendy Taubin, Preeti Tiwari, James Welsh,

Tickets Goldstar, or on Pieson Playhouse http://www.theatrepalisades.org/

Pierson Playhouse

941 Temescal Canyon Road, Pacific Palisades 90271,

Play runs Through February 17th, Friday, Saturday 8 and Sunday at 2pm

Writer: Diane Grant

Director: Susan Stangl





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  1. I’m so glad you enjoyed the play, Rose. Thanks for the lovely review.


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