“I Am Not Mark Twain” Review by Rose Desena

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                  “I Am Not Mark Twain”

Written and performed by Steven Cragg


Review by Rose Desena


What to do when you want to play dress up?


Steven Cragg steps onto the stage in a white suit and a funny-looking wig smoking a huge stogie.   He immediately commands your attention as he confesses to the audience he is not Mark Twain, which is not surprising because I know Mark Twain is dead.


Years ago while I was attending St. Jerome’s, Sister Mary Josephine made me write a paper on Mark Twain. I wasn’t that impressedIANMT_main_graphic_web with his story telling but I did get an “A” on the paper. That was a long time ago, he was old then so I figured he was dead by now.  Just to be sure I Googled him.  Confirmed in black and white he is dead.



However, Cragg was intrigued with the great Twain and for some reason he had a deep need to dress like him.  Personally, I didn’t care for the way Twain dressed, (Google again) his style was stiff and lacked that hip urban look of comfort. But hey, who am I to criticize someone’s idol, and besides, there wouldn’t be a story if he dressed liked Jay Leno.


Cragg beautifully delivers 70 minutes of crazy but interesting babble that will have you laughing so much your eyes will tear. Strange, the story has nothing to do with Mark Twain in the literal sense but it does take you on a Twain like adventure that is far more amusing than white washing some old wooden fence.  By the way it’s a bit of a naughty story so leave the kids home.



The Rogue Machine brings us this sweet little tidbit as the mid-week teaser for those of us who don’t know what to do with our weeknights now that Time Warner has shut us out of CBS. John Perrin Flynn artistic director and Grand Poobah of the Rogue is a lucky guy to have so many talented people as part of his family. Steven Cragg is a good example of the talent that seems to run rampant in that group.


Check this out.


                  “I Am Not Mark Twain”

Written and performed by Steven Cragg

Director: Deanna Oliver 

Rogue Machine, 5041 W. Pico Blvd LA, Ca.


Wednesday and Thursday @8pm Closes the end of August

4 Roses Rating


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