An Interview With Pop Star Nenna Yvonne

by Julian Phillips – Dec. 1, 2011 

Talent, technology and the tender-hooks of solid gold Hollywood success, from the point of view of a new-comer, blend together in the career-path of a really fantastic pop-star singer named Nenna Yvonne, interviewed last week. Is there a lesson here for novice film and video artists looking for a break, when dreams and commercial-media doorways are both guarded by gate-keepers with differing means and needs? Check out how a Reality Show concept about this musician might work as an ‘independent’ production.

        Whatever else happens in Yvonne’s career, it’s a sure bet much of what audiences will be seeing of her, will be presented as HD video. And yes, a lot is already happening for this shooting star. Even this past week, music-lovers could hear Yvonne’s hip-hop/dance/electronica-style songs on mainstream TV shows at NBC, CBS, Spike-TV, MTV, and even in material for the PGA tour. In the past year or so, the artist has done live-performance tours in Sweden and Japan, been honored in Billboard magazine, and elsewhere. YouTube and FaceBook Internet fans outnumber the hairs on your head, she has a tune in a new independent feature film, and things look good for three new single releases, also this recent week, produced by Daniel (D-Tox) Wisniewski. The music is amazing, current, with a strong dance beat and soulful, insightful lyrics, and the Nigerian-born performer’s vocals are beyond beautiful, at a youthful 22-years old and almost six-feet tall (complete with purple hair and outlandish costumes).

        So, like anyone, it’s ‘show me the money’, right? Or a red-carpet, a private Lear-jet, meetings with top-studio executives. Or how about a way to finance an independently produced Reality-TV show? Indie music, indie film, indie video, the lines blur. In the words of a former Capitol Records music ‘suit’ I interviewed for live Netcast in 2009 at the Paso Robles Digital Film Festival, (, “there are no more super-stars, we don’t make them any more”. Nenna and D-Tox nevertheless are working to create a Reality-Show type product (pilot), calling it ‘NY-LA’, about Nenna Yvonne’s year-long journey from her native Long Island (New York) home, this past year. Struggling artist faces the big bad world of music-industry glamour and seduction, and all the rest.

Yvonne says her online fans around the world were asking herself and D-Tox for just this kind of thing. “What is the music industry like for a pop-artist today, especially an independent artist? That’s where it comes from,” Nenna said last week. “If there’s an opportunity for everyone to be successful, than why not?”

        Even ‘big media’ loves the reality-show concept, because production budgets are so low, and audiences enjoy the way-out notions seen in shows like ‘The Biggest Loser’ (currently on NBC) and hundreds of others. Un-funded video content producers and independent musicians like Nenna Yvonne can also obviously see the potential. Why not a YouTube version of the same idea? Again, when changing revenue models (or, ‘no real revenue at all’ models) challenge Old School TV, Cable and studio show-runner models, it’s a no-brainer. Hobby-level and home-video level online video such as YouTube may gain attention or even earn millions of fans, but Nenna and her producer-manager haven’t been able to start on a pilot or rolling low-cost HD video cameras at her rehearsals, recording sessions, with her friends and fans or live performances, due to even small costs and expenses involved. David, meet Goliath, he has only one big ugly bloodshot eye (camera), and it sees only dollar signs.

        “We haven’t gotten to that stage yet,” Nenna said. “I don’t think it costs that much. Right now my focus is on my new releases, so I don’t have time for it. At least we’re building it up to something bigger.”

        Find out more about Nenna Yvonne’s Big Bad Hollywood Independent Marketing Adventure at, also at Reverbnation, FaceBook, SoundCloud and other online sources.

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                 –Julian Phillips – Southland Indie Film Now


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