Job Options for Military Veterans in 2013

                    Jobs that Military Veterans

                      Should Consider in 2013

by Tabitha Jean Naylo


Military veterans who have retired from active military service may have difficulty adjusting to civilian life.  While many of these veterans may have attained posts with considerable authority like majors or colonels, they may still find the many challenges associated with life outside the military quite different.  Although there are many possible employment opportunities for veterans who have a substantial military curriculum vitae, it will take some patience and due diligence to identify and capitalize on those opportunities.  The skills and talents that they acquired through their military service and helped them achieve a high rank will also serve them well as they search for a position in the civilian workforce.


Construction Managers

Many military veterans have experience in managing projects.  Those who may have served in engineering corps may be able to use those skills in obtaining a position as a construction manager.  Many high ranking officers have great talent in managing large teams of underlings and this skill translates well when overseeing a large workforce like those usually found in construction projects.  Their leadership skills, organization, and dedication to a successful outcome make veterans ideal candidates for managerial positions within the construction industry. In most cases, some experience with the process of building facilities or structures is necessary for these positions, but if the veteran did not acquire this expertise during the course of their military career, it should be possible to obtain it through formal training at a vocational school or on the job.



The manufacturing industry presents numerous opportunities for military veterans.  Depending on the type of position desired, entry barriers to this industry can be extremely low.  Veterans with prestigious military careers may have to vie with other candidates with business administration experience for management positions, but there are a substantial number of such positions available, so acquiring one should not be overly difficult.  Another route to take is to obtain an entry level position on the factory floor or an office position through an internship.  With the management and leadership skills most veterans possess, working one’s way up to a mid-level or senior position should pose few obstacles.  The manufacturing industry itself should allow veterans who are comfortable with routine to feel right at home.


Teaching Jobs

Education is also an ideal career choice for many military veterans who are eager to utilize their acquired skills in helping young people.  High ranking soldiers and officers typically possess considerable experience training and instructing lower ranked members.  These skills are perfect for the classroom, where discipline, dedication to excellence and patience are required. Veterans who have experienced the trials of serving in a combat zone may find the challenges of most educational systems a refreshing alternative to military service.  Other combat veterans may seek out the more challenging teaching positions in urban environments in order to test themselves.  Many veterans would also enjoy the opportunity to coach an extracurricular activity like football or soccer where they would very comfortable issuing orders to their players.


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