Why The Jury Makeup Could Have Never Convicted George Zimmerman

We depend on the judicial system jury selection process to come up with a fair and impartial jury to decide the guilt or innocence of the defendant. The makeup of the jury should be of the defendant’s peers, but also in this case the prosecution’s peers as well. This was not the case in this trial. Many of us that viewed and followed the case saw Trayvon Martin as a defendant, a defendant that lost his life by simply doing exactly what he should have be doing. Facts: He was walking home from the store, didn’t commit a crime, was minding his own business, and was stalked by an unidentified man with a concealed weapon in the dark. Anyone that has ever been in Trayvons’ situation would have automatically assumed a defensive posture.

The makeup of this jury should have also represented Trayvon and it did not. This jury selection was a very troubling miscalculation of the prosecution for the following reasons.  First, the jury makeup consisted of 6 women, 5 were white and 1 Hispanic, 4 were mothers. Second, there were no black people represented. It represented George Zimmerman and I blame the prosecution team for this error in the selection of this jury.


They assumed and they lost.


The question about race: If this case was not about race, then why no black jurors on the jury? Wouldn’t you think that black people could be brought on a jury and disregard race if that was the instruction by the court? Why no black men? Did they think that by putting a black person on the jury that their life experiences would play too big a part in the discussion? The fact is that the case had  many racial and profiling overtones. Maybe the prosecutors were naive, but in my view this jury would not convict Zimmerman.


My hat is off to the defense attorneys for choosing a jury that could only convict if there was a 3rd witness (not George or Trayvon) that was standing over the confrontation and taping it in daylight. During the jury selection questioning, did the attorneys ask if the ladies had ever had any incidents with black young men?  As a black man that lived in the south, and I know that this is not unique, I have experienced times when white women would cross the street when approaching me. This could be a commentary on society, but in my mind I felt some intimidation myself by their posture of defense.


This case of an innocent boy being murdered while walking home and minding his own business is a true injustice to the process. I truly believe that if the Trayvon and George were represented in the jury pool equally, the decision may have been much different, or at least the discussion in the jury room would have had other views to consider. If for no other reason, the public’s perception of justice must be considered when choosing a jury, especially in a high profile case as this.


I don’t blame the defense. I blame the prosecution for assuming that this jury makeup would convict one of their own.


RIP Trayvon.




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  1. I agree with the publisher. The makeup of the jury was not reflective of Travon’s peers. How could they find Zimmerman not guilty when Travon was accosted for walking down the street of his own neighborhood? Could that have been deliberate? It is a shame that in today’s society that a young black man is not able to go to the store and back without being stalked.

    I am deeply saddened by the lost of this young man’s life. My condolences to his parents, family and friends. May they find peace in the fact that God knows the truth!!

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