Justin Beiber; Oh Baby, Baby, Time to Grow Up Baby

                      Oh Baby, Baby,

                  Time to Grow Up Baby

By Joan Trossman Bien


This will come as a shock to all of you, so sit down before reading any further. Justin Beiber is in trouble. Again. No! Yes! This time, following uniquely bizarre behavior, the Beibs wound up on the wrong end of a police report not long after returning home from Europe.


But wait! There’s more!


Beiber has had a lot of trouble keeping his shirt on lately. Even if the kid is showing off all of his new tats, or is downright proud of his physique, it was beyond odd that he walked through airport security in Poland, where it is still winter, with nothing but his skin to keep his upper body warm as he boarded his private jet heading stateside.


While in Europe, Beiber disappointed a lot of fans in London when he showed up quite late for a concert.  By the time he arrived on stage, much of the audience had left. Did no one tell the boy that the Tube stops running at midnight? Those fans had to get home.


Next, pedestrians got an eyeful of the Beib when he wore a gas mask for a night out.  Justin, gotta say you are starting to remind me of Michael Jackson. He was an adorable child, a handsome young man, and one weird adult. Don’t do it. Don’t wear a mask. Don’t wear Kabuki make-up. Don’t let your hair cover most of your face. It may raise a few eyebrows.


So, when Beiber returned to his house in Calabasas, the real trouble began. By the way, what 19 year old, regardless
of how rich he may be, owns their own house in Calabasas? It is the land of wealthy suburbia, definitely not single pop star friendly.


True to such expectations, Beiber’s neighbor now has a beef with the kid. Apparently, the house sitters who took care of everything while Beiber was away, held late night parties which always tend to be very loud. The neighbor was not pleased.


Then, when Beiber personally reappeared at his house, he wanted to play with his new Ferrarri. So reports are that he zoomed up and down his suburban-wealthy street making quite a show of his purchase. Gunning a Ferrari on residential streets is actually hazardous to everyone else’s health and his neighbor told him so, in less than restrained words.


A heated argument ensued and now there is a police report, apparently accusing the Beibs of spitting at the neighbor, which in California can qualify for assault or even battery, depending on whether the saliva actually found its target. The headlines now say, “Justin Beiber Accused of Assault” or something like that. I don’t think that is what Usher had in mind when he decided to mentor that talented little mophead from up north.


One other current headline has the Beibs actually doing the right thing. Despite having his heart broken by former girlfriend Selena Gomez, Beiber ordered his friends to lay off Gomez, to stop dissing the girl. No jokes, no retorts to anything that Gomez may say  about Beiber, just knock it off and leave her alone. Bravo Justin. But I think you need new friends.


Normally, I would simply ignore all of this nonsense about Beiber and Gomez and LiLo and all of the other youngsters who find themselves in the spotlight even after the set has been struck.


Following an episode where Beiber was shredding the 101 at eye-popping speeds to elude paparazzi, I think Beiber needs to trade in his Italian sports car that goes a lot faster than public streets will allow. Get something sensible, like a RAV-4 or a CRV. That would slow him down nicely. Plus, he could drive just about anywhere without anyone even knowing it was the famous Beibs at the wheel. Sure, it would be much less fun, but he would still get where he was going.


Maybe Beiber should ask LiLo what it is like to live in a fishbowl when being out of control is the norm. She used to be a ridiculously pretty pre-teen and teenager until she started imbibing and changing the color of her hair every week. None of that, including her need to travel her well-worn path to the courthouse, has done much for her acting career. It hasn’t done much for her acting chops, either.


This is where I need to talk to the judges in Los Angeles. Those who have had the immense pleasure of hosting LiLo in their courtrooms.  For God’s Sake, Your Honors, man up! Use your power, not your words. Time for the gal to do some serious time. If you don’t send her to jail for a long spell, she may not live long enough to come back to court the next time she screws up. Which is inevitable because she needs the kind of help that you have refused to supply. Everything gentle has failed. Time for some actual time to be served. Yes, she will hate it. Isn’t that the point?


Beiber is walking in LiLo’s footprints, staggered though they may be. He is heading for real trouble and, more than any other young out of control celebrities, Beiber is showing signs of serious instabililty. It appears that he would benefit from a professional evaluation. However, you don’t need an MD to see that his obsession with himself, his bare chest, his tats, and his hot car is not normal and it is not healthy. The gas mask can’t be dismissed by saying, “Oh, he’s just going through a stage.”


On stage, through a stage, whatever. These two young people have put themselves at risk of something terrible happening to them and those around them. Time for the system to save them from themselves with every tool the courts have in their toolboxes.


If their shenanigans would send a “nobody” to jail, then these famous kids should be at least as important as nobody.

Joan Trossman Bien has been writing news most of her professional life. She started writing as an intern at KNX Newsradio and wrote as a freelancer at nearly every television station in Los Angeles. She graduated from law school in 2004.  At present, she is a regular writer for cover features at the Ventura County Reporter and Pasadena Weekly. She enjoys writing about an array of topics including health care, politics,  women’s issues, and social justice.  Bien lives with her journalist husband in Ventura County. They have one grown daughter who is also a journalist. Bien hales from Glencoe, Ill., a small suburb outside Chicago.





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  1. In a decade’s time, after nuclear war and more meltdowns, when we see our planet has spun out of control due to our excesses, we’ll not-so-fondly look back on the cult of celebrity with a jaundiced eye. The mindless selfishness described above may be replaced by something more appropriate to what seems like end times, end times for us as well as the thousands of species of flora and fauna we are responsible for going extinct. Instead of people wanting to be “stars” with millions adoring and enriching them, people may look inside knowing the end is not as far off as once thought and think “I’m going to kick with it. I’m going to go for it and do something notable, good and enduring. And I won’t care if one other person knows about it. And I am starting with me.” These daze of Wine and Biebers will pass. The days of self-motivated ascension are coming. Kick With It.

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