LORCAbaret, Six Scenes and a Murder – Review by Rose Desena

LORCAbaret, Six Scenes and a Murder – Directed and Written by Simone Nardini.



This beautifully presented play is not really a play, but a physical and narrative expression of love, passion, anger, hatred, expressionism, freedom, and yes, death. The story is about Federico Garcia Lorca. The world renowned Spanish poet came to the US in search of sexual and artistic freedom in 1929.


Alain Washnevsky (Master of Ceremonies) draws us into the story with his strong, well trained voice. He talks us through six scenes of Lorca’s life up to his return to Spain.  Dario Soler, as Lorca, does a great job expressing the poet’s confusion. The play moves us through scenes of the hatred and persecution that some citizens endured, while Lorca was free to comfortably practice his sexual preferences and openly explore his art.


The staging is artfully done by Director/ Writer, Simone Nardini. It’s as if Simone wrote the play from inside Lorca’s head. He griped the pain and pleasures of Lorca’s life in daunting detail.  His use of lighting and imaging enhances our experience as does the dance scenes that are skillfully placed throughout the play. Edgardo Gonzales (Felipe), an established Cuban dancer does a great job of moving these seven actors across the stage.


This play is excellent in its entertainment value both intellectually and historically. The actors, although fully nude in some scenes, are not only gorgeous but the nudity is purposeful and in good taste. The play lasts 65 minutes and you will enjoy every second.  It’s simply too good to miss.



The Promenade Play House is a lovely venue. The small, but well laid out theater is warm, comfortable and inviting, and it is a nice change from the traditional black box. There is parking available in the city lots and plenty of good Restaurants for a drink or meal afterwards.


Director /Writer, Simone Nardini.

Cast: Dario Soler, Alain Washnevsky, Rodrigo Brand, Fabien Luszezyszyn,

Edgardo Gonzales, Nico Garceron, Octavio Altamirano.

FRIDAY NIGHTS @ 8pm through December 14th. 310 656 8070

The Promenade Playhouse, 1404 3rd St. Promenade, Santa Monica Ca


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  1. Great review. Can’t wait to see the play.

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