LORCAbaret – Six Scenes and a Murder

  • In collaboration with La Fabbrica dello Spettacolo, from Milan, Italy. 
  • US Premier translated from Italian.
  • A cross between play, performance art, and poetry reading.


Opens September 14th through December 14th, 2012


September 13th at 8:00 pm

(Los Angeles, CA) (August, 2012)… The Promenade Players Theatre Company and La Fabbrica dello Spettocalo from Milan, Italy, present LORCAbaret, written and directed by Simone Nardini, coming to The Promenade Playhouse, beginning September 14th, 2012.


About The Show

LORCAbaret – Six Scenes and a Murder.  An expressionist vision inspired on the poetry and writings of famed author exceptionelle Federico Garcia Lorca during his trip to America in 1929.  The play relates to racial, sexual, social, economic, and political diversity; which in fact is why Lorca was murdered.  In this trip to the US, Lorca finds a different reality, one less suffocating than the one he knew back in the Primo De Rivera dictatorship in Spain.  He is able to live openly, embracing his sexuality, in a free world, devoid of secrets.  During the last stop of his journey, Lorca was in Cuba and loved to spend evenings at the Alhambra Theatre for men.  LORCAbaret is a variety show of sorts, re-adapted as if it were a show in the “Alhambra,” for Lorca and about Lorca.  The Prologue and the Epilogue are inspired from the musical Cabaret, also set in 1929.  There are similarities between Nazism and Franco’s dictatorship that ultimately brings Lorca to his death.  LORCAbaret is a parade of human bestiary that evokes Lorca’s state of mind in America; with a strong visual impact on racial, sexual, social, and economic discrimination.  Lorca’s cruel murder is one of the greatest insults to human dignity ever made.


This show contains full frontal nudity.


About the Talent

Written & Directed by – Simone Nardini

Executive Producer – Natalia Lazarus

Produced by – The Promenade Players Theatre Company


About the Director

Simone Nardini; Artistic Director of La Fabbrica dello Spettacolo and “MTS” Musical! The School in Milan, Italy.  With la Fabbrica dello Spettacolo, Nardini has directed Wiri, Canned Meat, and the European premiere of LORCAbaret in Milan in 2009.  Nardini also trained at the Centro Teatro Attivo of Milan and graduated from The Fine Art Academy of Brera in Milan.  Additional directorial credits include La Fiaba nelle Fiabe, Crazy for You, Anything Goes, and as associate director: Three’s Company (the musical), High Society at Teatro La Scala in Milan, Angel Fire, Notting Hill (the play), Run For Your Wife, Barefoot in the Park, Jesus Christ Superstar, Promises, Promises, Evita, Saturday Night Fever, and An American in Paris (with Christian De Sica).


The Cast

Rodrigo Brand (Brazil)

Edgardo Gonzales (Cuba)

Fabien Luszezyszyn (France)

Octavio Altamirano (USA)

Alain Washnevsky (Austria)

Nico Garceron (Argentina)

Dario Soler (Argentina)


The Crew

Set Design – Vincent Lappas and Simone Nardini

Mask Designer, Italy – Carlo Sessa

Costume maker, USA – Catherine Curtis

Choreography movement, Italy – Paolo Rudelli

Choreography movement, USA – Edgardo Gonzales

Stage Manager – Danette Garrelts

 LORCAbaret runs Sept. 14th through Dec. 14th, 2012.  Previews are Thursday, Sept. 13th at 8 PM and at 9:30 PM for nudist audiences, with opening night Sept. 14th.  Performances are at The Promenade Playhouse, 1404 3rd Street Promenade, in Santa Monica, Fridays at 8 PM.  Tickets are $15 (previews) and $20 for regular shows.  Running time is 60 minutes with no intermission and concessions are available.

For reservations, call (310) 656-6020 or RESERVE ONLINE:




NOTE TO MEDIA:  Press invited to attend September 14th



 The Promenade Players Theatre Company and La Fabbrica dello Spettocalo present LORCAbaret, Six Scenes and a Murder

Written & Directed by – Simone Nardini

Executive Producer – Natalia Lazarus

Produced by – The Promenade Players Theatre Company



The Promenade Playhouse

1404 3rd Street Promenade

Santa Monica, CA 90401



Thu, Sept 13th at 8pm

Thu, Sept 13th at 9:30pm (for nudist audiences)



Fri. 14th September 2012



Fridays at 8 pm

From September 14, 2012 thru December 14, 2012

With exception of November 23, 2012



$15 Previews

$20 Performances



Ticket Line: (310) 656-6020




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