“Lovecraft: Nightmare Suite” Review by Rose Desena

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                      “Lovecraft: Nightmare Suite”

  Conceived and Directed by Dan Spurgeon

Review by Rose Desena


The Visceral Company Rocks a little bit of Lovecraft.

H.P Lovecraft was a lonely child who had a vivid imagination and suffered with nightmares, which might have been the catalyst for his affection with horror. Although he started his writing career as a journalist, he was fascinated with a magazine called Wired Tales. Inspired by Edgar Allan Poe, he started submitting horror essays to Wired Tales and eventually got the literary success he craved.

Lovecraft - NyarlathotepDaniel Jimenez


H.P. Lovecraft, the king of scary and spine tingling gore comes back to life in this creative story telling production from the Visceral Company.

Lovecraft - OutsiderAnna Safar and Steve Peterson (silhouette)


Dan Spurgeon (director/developer) keeps the audience on the edge of their seats as we explore a little bit of sweet horror.


The minute you walk in the theater you’re intrigued. Frank Blocker (Actor) goes into “Dreams” an essay inspired by Lovecraft’s Dream Cycle, they are certainly not the sweet kind. Frank’s a little spooky with his white face and a Boris Karloff persona.

Lovecraft - Picture in the HouseSteve Peterson (standing) and Mark Souza


Angela Sauer sent chills through my body as she details her life in a seedy rooming house in NYC. Her upstairs neighbor is a doctor with strange habits and a fondness for freezing temperatures. She ventures up to his apartment one night to get some medical advice. There, she learns that there is so much more to this man then just being a sick eccentric. Will she ever forget what she discovered? I love Devereau Chumrau, in the Cats of Ulthar, her eyes widen as the black felines take revenge on there evil murders. We have the creepy man played by Steve Peterson, in The Picture in the House; I don’t care how hard it was raining outside. The minute I saw this guy I would run like hell, he’s scary and so was his house.  Anna Safar brings us to a castle where a lonely man finally steps out into the world. He knows nothing of how he came to be in the Outsider. The Statement of Randolph Carter and the Nyarlathotep are also beautifully represented.

Lovecraft - Cats of UltharDevereau Chumrau


Dan Spugeon  (director) and the stellar cast do an excellent job at adapting these intriguing stories, giving the audience a deep look into the mind of Lovecraft.

The staging is fabulous. It is graced with artistic imagery and puppetry, which softens the hardness of these tales and makes them almost beautiful to watch. 

I am not much of a horror fan but I was very impressed.  How about checking it out over Valentine’s Day weekend, it’s a lot more impressive then a rose.


Conceived and Directed by Dan Spurgeon
text by H.P. Lovecraft

Cast:  features Devereau Chumrau, Andrew Fromer, Daniel Jimenez*, Steve Peterson*, Anna Safar, Eric Sand*, Angela Sauer*, and Mark Souza. Lighting design is by Dave Sousa (2012 LA Weekly Theater Award nominee), set and puppet design by John Burton, sound design and original music by Garth Herberg, and costume design by Pam Noles.

Runs: Friday and Saturday evenings at 8 pm, Sunday matinees at 3 pm
January 31 through March 2, 2014

The Lex Theatre, 6760 Lexington Ave., Hollywood, CA 90038

NFO: www.thevisceralcompany.com



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