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*(The Madness of Hercules)*

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*Thursday, June 6 to Sunday, June 23, 2013*

Not Man Apart (NMA), the Los Angeles-based physical theatre ensemble since
2004, presents John Farmanesh-Bocca’s adaptation of Roman Philosopher and
Playwright Seneca the Younger’s tragedy *Hercules Furens (The Madness of
Hercules)*, opening Thursday, June 6 and closing Sunday, June 23,
2013. *Hercules
Furens* portrays one of the most bitter and grotesque legends of this
half-mortal son of the God Jupiter: Hercules’ maddened slaughter of his own
innocent wife and children. This athletic adaptation performed by the NMA
Ensemble asks, how does a man survive his own unforgivable crimes? Adapted
and directed by John Farmanesh-Bocca and choreographed by Farmanesh-Bocca,
Jones Welsh and the NMA ensemble, the Action follows the journey of
Hercules, Jupiter's son, through his famous Labours and into his
madness when he returns home from battle, induced by the Goddess Juno
(Jupiter's Vengeful Wife). *Hercules Furens* was never produced but only
read in Seneca's lifetime, it is considered one of the first plays written
that addresses the notion of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) of
soldiers in battle.

NMA is a collective of performers, dancers, actors, designers and theatre
artists who make dance/movement inspired theatre pieces using a mash-up of
theatre traditions, modern technology and poor theatre approach.
Cultivating new storytelling forms from ancient techniques to present
thrilling staging of both modern and classic texts using multi-track
scoring, physical prowess, unconventional dance and movement. NMA was
originally commissioned in 2011 by The Getty Villa to adapt and stage this
rarely done Roman Tragedy in a workshop performance, this production at the
Miles Memorial Playhouse located at 1130 Lincoln Blvd. in Santa Monica, is
the fully completed World Premiere of *Hercules Furens*.

 The cast features John F. Bocca (Hercules), Alina Bolshakova (Nymphs of
Juno), Devon Dionne (Nymphs of Juno), Apollo Dukakis (Amphitryon –
Hercules’ Human Father), Courtney Munch (Megara – Hercules’ Wife), Natacha
Roi (Juno – Wife of Jupiter), Randolph Rand (Lycus – the Usurper of
Thebes), Eric Dyrhsen (Watchman/Apollo), Noel Arthur (Watchman/Mercury),
Jones Welsh (Watchman/Mars), Harrison Bliss (Son of Hercules), and
Catherine Galanti (Daughter of Hercules).

Praised by The Hollywood Reporter as a “Futuristic Theatre Company,” by The
Los Angeles Times as “Exhilarating and Propulsive” and as “Exciting and
Innovative” and “Startlingly Refreshing” by the British Theatre Guide, NMA
has developed quite a following both overseas and in their home state of
California. Known for their athletic, intense modern versions of
Shakespeare, NMA creates original theatre experiences or reexamine classics
from the physical tradition of Grotowski, Meyerhold and the dance theatre
world, then to share that work both nationally and internationally. Not Man
Apart is an internationally touring physical theatre troupe that performs
in a 'poor theatre' style. Maximum effect, with least means, NMA is
dedicated to the creation, development, and progression of new works by
emerging artists in the performing arts, and sponsors many other Los
Angeles based artists as a producer. NMA’s mission is to communicate
through many mediums- drama, comedy, dance, music, original/classical text
and multi-media; and to create highly athletic and innovative theatrical
events which are both life affirming and consciousness expanding; to
establish a new kind of physical theatre genre that is at the same time
exciting, relevant, accessible, ineffable and all inclusive. NMA strives to
be among one of the premiere physical theatre ensembles of the Americas.

Tickets are $25. For tickets and information, please call 818-618-4772; email; or visit<>.
The Miles Memorial Playhouse is located at 1130 Lincoln Blvd. in Santa
Monica 90403.

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*John Farmanesh-Bocca, Artistic Director*, was awarded an American Theatre
Wing scholarship and was trained at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts before
serving as directing fellow at the Julliard School’s Drama Division from
2003-2005. Farmanesh-Bocca’s most recent adaptation/direction credits
include *Hercules Furens* at The Getty Villa, *Titus Redux* at the Kirk
Douglas Theatre (Best Play of 2009 by the Los Angeles Stage blog) and *Wish
I had a Sylvia Plath* at the Edinburgh Festival, which garnered the
prestigious Edinburgh Festival Fringe First Award 2007.

*Jones Welsh, Managing Director and Associate Artistic Director*, received
his degree in theatre and dance from the University of Washington in 2000.
After five years of touring with Diavolo Dance Theatre, Jones is now the
Diavolo Institute Director, teaching acrobatic dance and dynamic movement
throughout Los Angeles. Jones co-creates dance theatre collaborations
regularly with John Farmansh-Bocca and has premiered work at such venues as
the Hollywood Bowl with the Los Angeles Philharmonic, the Ford Amphitheater
with String Theory, and the Getty Villa with Olympia Dukakis.

*Devon Dionne, Associate Artistic Director*, graduated with a BFA in dance
from SUNY Purchase College, then performed in New York with Buglisi Dance
Company from 2003-2005.  During those years she also received her
certifications in GYROTONIC and GYROKINESIS before moving to Los Angeles in
2005.  As a performer, choreographer, wife, holistic health coach
(Institute of Integrative Nutrition, 2012), and physical educator, she is
dedicated to improving health and happiness through education and the
performing arts.

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Not Man Apart – Physical Theatre Ensemble


Miles Memorial Playhouse
1130 Lincoln Blvd.

Santa Monica, CA 90403

 *TICKET PRICES:         *$25


HERCULES FURENS (The Madness of Hercules)
Adapted & Directed By John Farmanesh-Bocca
*CAST - *Alphabetically
Noel Arthur (Watchman/Mercury)
Harrison Bliss (Son of Hercules)
John F. Bocca (Hercules)
Alina Bolshakova (Nymphs of Juno)
Devon Dionne (Nymphs of Juno)
Apollo Dukakis (Amphitryon – Hercules’ Human Father)
Eric Dyrhsen (Watchman/Apollo)
Catherine Galanti (Daughter of Hercules)
Courtney Munch (Megara – Hercules’ Wife)
Randolph Rand (Lycus – the Usurper of Thebes)
Natacha Roi (Juno – Wife of Jupiter)
Jones Welsh (Watchman/Mars)

* *

*John Farmanesh-Bocca (Director)
Devon Dionne (Associate Artistic Director)
John Farmanesh-Bocca, Jones Welsh & The NMA Ensemble (Choreographers)
Jessica Kohn (Lighting)
Allison Leach & Rachel Engstrom (Costumes)
Guillermo Parga (Company & Stage Manager)
Adam Phalen & John Farmanesh-Bocca (Sound Design)
Adam Phalen (Technical Director)
Jessica Westerfield (Board Operator) **

Thursday, June 6 at 8pm

Friday, June 7 at 8pm
Saturday, June 8 at 8pm
Sunday, June 9 at 5pm

Thursday, June 13 at 8pm
Friday, June 14 at 8pm
Saturday, June 15 at 8pm
Sunday, June 16 at 5pm

Thursday, June 20 at 8pm
Friday, June 21 at 8pm
Saturday, June 22 at 8pm
Sunday, June 23 at 5pm

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Susan D. Gordon
(310) 871-0621


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