Mayoral Candidates Face Off at the “Who Will Deliver South L.A.” Forum


          Mayoral Candidates Face Off at the

       “Who Will Deliver South L.A.” Forum

by Peggy Freeman


The upcoming Los Angeles mayoral race marks a changing of the guard as incumbent Antonio Villaraigosa relinquishes his seat to one of three contenders.  Vying for the position are Los Angeles Councilwoman Jan Perry, Councilman Eric Garcetti and City Controller, Wendy Greuel.  The candidates will face off at the “Who Will Deliver South L.A.” forum that takes place on Thursday, January 31, 2013 from 6:00 pm-7:30 pm at Ward AME Church located at 1177 West 25th Street in Los Angeles.



Jan Perry is currently Councilwoman for the ninth district and former chief deputy to Councilwoman Rita Walters (1993).  She also worked for Councilman Nate Holden and Mayor Richard Riordan.  Ms. Perry will run on the platform of more choices in education, greening the city, safe and affordable housing, alleviation of traffic congestion, and DWP reform.






  • Give parents access to information that will help them compare schools and make better choices for their children
  • Encourage corporate sponsorships for schools
  • Safe routes and private sector support for middle schools
  • Expand the arts, summer internships and afterschool programs
  • Government to distribute funds to school sites directly


  • Proposes more funds for a greener city
  • Allocated $70 million in the past for redevelopment of parks and recreational facilities


  • Proposes to provide safe and affordable housing to the community
  • Constructed 5,000 affordable housing units for seniors and the homeless
  • Brought supermarkets to communities in need


  • Reduce traffic congestion through alternative forms of transportation
  • Support proposed football stadium and expansion of the Convention Center
  • Shepherded the L.A. Live and J.W. Marriot Hotel construction efforts

Reform DWP

  • Improve rate payer dollars
  • Get rid of “sweet heart” insider deals within a crumbling infrastructure



Currently serving as Councilman of the 13th district, Eric Garcitti’s primary focus is on using L.A.’s strengths in manufacturing, tourism, trade, healthcare and entertainment to bring jobs to the city.  He also plans to partner with local colleges and investment companies to improve schools and change the internal structure of City Hall.





Employment and Education

  • Teach children computer programming
  • Provide more job placement centers
  • Partner with local colleges to bring overseas investment to L.A.

Make City Hall Work

  • Appoint a Chief Technology Officer
  • All department heads to reapply for their positions
  • New performance metrics that hold managers accountable for meeting L.A.’s economic goals efficiently

Track Record (some of Garcitti’s accomplishments include)

  • Author of the Green Building Ordinance, Clear Water and Solar Initiatives.  All of which were the nation’s largest.
  • Author of the largest housing trust fund, first tenant foreclosure eviction moratorium and ordinance to fine banks who neglect foreclosed homes that cause neighborhood blight.
  • Graffiti and pothole programs
  • Staffed parks to keep them open at night.  700,000 youth served and decrease in crime 40% at 32 locations
  • Helped put 800 more LAPD officers on the street & stop LAFD cuts

Garcetti is winner of Green Cross Millennium Award from former President Mikhail Gobachev; the Tiger Award for spearheading business tax reform and the Frontier Award for embodying the vision of John F. Kennedy in leadership and idealism.



Wendy Greuel is City Controller.  As the City Controller, Greuel has identified $160 million in wasteful spending.  She worked as deputy to Mayor Tom Bradley and is running to help create sustainability in the city, a thriving economy, great public schools and flawless transportation.  She aims to “get our city back on track.”






  • Lead in the creation of nationally acclaimed LA’s BEST afterschool program
  • Parent of child who attends school within the LA Unified School District


  • Former senior advisor for HUD, securing over a billion dollars in support for the Northridge Earthquake in 1997

Business Tax

  • Originator of business tax reform to return nearly $100 million to local businesses and eliminate tax for 60% of small businesses
  • Known as the “Pothole Queen” she is relentless in enforcing city repairs to sidewalks and streets


  • Performed more than 60 audits investigating allegations of waste, fraud & abuse
  • Brought greater transparency to the city by posting city employees salaries online


  • Seeks to create jobs in tourism, entertainment, and for small businesses
  • Proposes to cut unnecessary wasteful government spending

Decide who you want to become the next Mayor of Los Angeles at the “Who Will Deliver South L.A.” forum on January 31st at Ward AME Church or visit the candidates’ websites for more information.


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