I Met Someone! Review by Rose Desena


I Met Someone! (Comedy)

A One Women Show

Review by Rose Desena

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As a young girl, Cheryl never really looked at herself. “No mirrors in my house,” she says in a constant refrain. She didn’t know she was different. Not that being black in New York City was different, since she lived in Harlem and every one was like her.


Cheryl Frances Harrington is the writer and performer of this wonderful tale about a lonely women searching for love.  Cheryl, like so many of her neighbors, grew up without a decent father image.


Her mother, a strong determined woman, never really goes into details with her about her love life, but it’s apparent to Cheryl that her mom does not need or want a man. “They all lie,” her mother said, as a constant instruction about men.


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Cheryl’s distant relationship with her fathers is sad.   It’s such a familiar story. A young girl longs for the attention and love of the missing parent: a vital piece of the family puzzle that helps her set the tone for the other men in her life.


Occasional meet ups and phone conversations with men leave her with an emptiness that becomes life changing. Her choice of men is never right, and she never gets the love she so desperately seeks.  She later discovers that she not only had one absentee dad, but there was her real father, whom she never met. This just furthers her confusion.


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Cheryl takes us on a journey through her life with her disappointments in love setting the tone for the self-loathing and unhappiness she lives with. Eventually, her soul searching pays off and this dear woman finds a place, and it is her place.


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“I Met Someone!” is an enchanting story that will touch you deep in your heart.


She is a truly gifted talent, a graduate of the famous High School for the Preforming Arts in New York City and a NAACP award winner. The show runs Thursday nights through February 21st with a special show on February 14th.


I Met Someone!

Written and Performed: by Cheryl Francis Harrington 

Working Stage Theater, 1516 Gardner St. Los Angeles CA 90046


3 Roses Rating

























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