Violent Acts Against Our Society: Where’s the Motive?


             Violent Acts Against Our Society:

                      Where’s the Motive?

By:  Robin Shine


Elementary school shootings, college killings, mall moedowns, drug lord atrocities. Firefighters killed? Volunteer firefighters no less? Alright, enough. This is not about gun control, or a few fanatics. This carnage is about a twisted population out of control. I suspect it is more about being at the precipice of a “cliff” but the diversion is created, like rubber necking a car wreck. Let us hope it is not by design.


I do not spend my time musing about whether my neighbor should be allowed to harbor assault weaponry or hand guns. I do not know if there should be control. Increasingly I am seeing that people have the right to protect themselves.  I suspect I believe, in this day and age, people should be allowed to have hand guns. Rifles, assault weapons, etc. have no practical purpose. Hunting? Do you really need to kill animals for sport?


Importantly, there are torrid issues here not being addressed. Do some research, snooping and investigative digging. Remember the reason you took Journalism 101? Reporters rely on watered down public relations oriented press briefings. These are not a random prompting of events. The “Why’s” of these gruesome assaults are never explored. The story drops off when the last casket is laid to rest. But then, there is no shortage of attacks, so it is on to coverage of the next atrocity.


I do not read speculations or statements made by friends, relatives, neighbors who can enlighten us as to who these killers are. Or who they were. No deep throated official with insider speculation. The whisper, the buzz is ominously silent.


Long ago, when cable TV consisted of cheap airtime. Offbeat locals desiring their 30 minutes often played host to a disgruntled “guest” pandering to a rogue audience. In 1993 as I was preparing a move East, in the background, I heard a random interview.  A crony was waxing on a preposterous supposition.  He speculated that in coming years there would be an increase of senseless violence. This violence would become more massive while the motive would be nonexistent. This would induce mass fear, increasing to the extent where a society of people would be afraid to venture out of their homes.


The reasoning, this person alleged, was for government oppression and control.  I paid it little attention – back then.   While similar in tone, this scenario goes beyond “Network” where Peter Finch rails “just leave me alone with my steel belted radials, my toaster and TV.”  The “First you have to get mad” ploy is not going to work.  Occupy Wall Street proved that.  Why?  Because as globalization took hold, so did the corporate structure. Occupy Wall Street had no manifesto, no plan, no list of demands replete with realistic solutions. The sponsors of Occupy, as it fanned out nationally and worldwide, was allowed to do so because a resolve was not sought.


It is not the death of the individuals that is at stake here.  It is becoming the death of a population.


Robin Prins  is a business reporter who now consults as a professional writer and public relations specialist (and also business reporting when the opportunity beckons). Publications ranged from community daily newspapers to wire services and Wall Street newsletters culling insider information from DC insiders. Names like Institutional Investor, UPI, Bureau of National Affairs, U.S. Banker Magazine, Real Estate Forum Magazine . Also freelanced for Barron’s, Washington Post, L.A. Times, LA Daily News. Active with civic duties and enjoy photography, museums, and cultural events. Publisher of website, still in formation.


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