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Reviewed by Peggy Freeman 

What would you do if your precious little child was born with Down Syndrome? Where would you find the strength to care for him or her?  Would you ask God why He allowed this to happen?  “my emily” is a story about parents who are forced to face some difficult decisions when their child is born with Down Syndrome and later diagnosed with cancer.  Through their trials and tribulations the Patterson’s find renewed hope and faith in God even in their darkest hour.

Matt Patterson is the typical gung ho air force type who takes pride in being the first to arrive at work and often times the last to leave.  He wears perfectly starched shirts, creased pants and shoes that reflect a perfect image of him.  Air force men call his type, “ate up.”

After marrying his bride, Bonnie, they live a normal life, much like the family with the white picket fence around the house.  When Bonnie becomes pregnant, their perfect world is about to end.  Bonnie gives birth to a beautiful baby girl name Emily.  Emily is perfect in every way.  So they think…  The day after her birth the doctor tells them that their precious little Emily is born with Down Syndrome.  Matt has no idea what this disease is or how it will affect their lives.  But Matt quickly finds out, Emily is not perfect.  In fact she would be considered, slower than normal, carry a “pooched” stomach and slanted eyes, all because of one extra chromosome copy she possesses.  To make matters worse at two years old the doctor diagnoses her with cancer, Leukemia.

This prognosis is life changing for the Patterson’s.  Matt and Bonnie will now have to watch Emily go through a long tedious process of chemotherapy, a blood marrow transplant from her younger sister Lauren and an acute infection.  Yet somehow they find the strength to endure… and the will to continue the battle for their child’s right to live.

“my emily” is a must read book, it tells the story of a little girl who has imperfections but manages to inspire so many people. “my emily” is not only for those who are experiencing similar situations but to all who have taken life for granted at some point in time.

The author and public speaker, Matt Patterson is an excellent writer. He is transparent and inspirational about his experiences and even his anger with God; an anger that eventually leads to renewed faith. Matt uses memorable phrases, humor and heartfelt emotions.  The story will keep you on the edge of your seat.  You will laugh, cry and be inspired.

Purchase this extraordinary book and find out the rest of the story; visit:


Matt benevolently donates a portion of the proceeds from the sale of “my emily” to organizations and charities dedicated to assisting children with special needs, cancer and grieving families.   


About the author:

A native of Baltimore, Maryland, Matt Patterson is a best-selling and award-winning author, inspirational speaker and matt pattersoncommunications professional.


Aside from being an author, Matt volunteers his time to helping organizations and charities dedicated to assisting families with special needs children and little ones battling pediatric cancers. He is quickly becoming a much sought-after speaker and welcomes the opportunity to share his powerful message to business and health care organizations, corporations, colleges, churches and youth groups . Delivering a story few men will ever share, Matt’s powerful message will resonate and engage any audience – no matter how big or small. His genuine and authentic delivery connects with a wide range of audiences.



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