Occupy Wall Street Films at Sundance Film Festival 2012


 Robert Redford “Sundance Reflects the 99%” as films from within the Occupy Wall Street movement occupy a presence at acclaimed Sundance Film Festival 2012.

Park City, Utah, January 20, 2012 – Film makers from within the Occupy Wall Street movement share their creative work, reflecting the conflict and beauty within the Occupy Movement, and more importantly the focus of why the Occupy Wall Street movement has garnished support from over 25 million protestors globally. 

 These stories document and tell the economic inequality that exists in the world today and what normal people are doing about it. For five days, Occupy Wall Street will occupy a presence at the acclaimed Sundance Film Festival 2012, January 20th to 24th. Join Occupy Wall Street Media Producer from Los Angeles, Lisa Clapier, daily at Cisero’s Restaurant http://www.ciseros.com from Noon to 7PM with http:// www.OccupySundance.com <http://www.occupysundance.com/.

 Producer DJ Viola *“I created an open environment for any film maker to express their creative vision and voice, ideal for content hungry festival attendees” *says Viola. And every evening at Park City Yoga from 7:30PM to 10:30pm with http://www.OccupySundanceFilmFestival.com<http://www.occupysundancefilmfestival.com/.

 Producer Tim Schwartz states “we are showcasing real gems of cinematic, inspirational pieces of art, really powerful material, delivering the very best, the film makers within the Occupy Wall Street movement have made so far, raising issues about corporate behavior… including corporate sponsorship of events like Sundance.”*

 One film example is the new  Occupy Movie* http://www.occupymovie.com, which will be shown at Occupy Sundance, created by Los Angeles film maker Tina Trubel. The movement has attracted support from Oscar award-winning film maker Oliver Stone, who recently spent time with the Occupy Wall Street Los Angeles media team sharing his advice to these emerging media makers “remain tenacious, have courage and strength!”.

The highly successful Thrive Film – What on Earth Will It Take http://www.thrivemovement.com will be screened at Cisero’s on Monday, January 23rd at 2PM with film maker Foster Gamble conducting a live streamed Q & A afterward. The  Thrive Film  takes the movie watcher on a documented journey behind the reason for our current financial crisis and solutions for what can be done to realize a beautiful, thriving, sustainable, fair world for all.

The large amount of citizen journalists emerging out of the Occupy Wall Street movement have created such a large volume of news worthy content, Occupy Wall Street now airs a weekly news show OWS MNN, which is aired on Public Speech TV to over 35 million viewers and can be seen at http://www.mnn.org/live/1-community-channel every Thursday 9AM EST.

While film makers are capturing the people, conversation, heart, and message of the movement, Los Angeles, a long-time hub for film, art, music and pop culture, has attracted many celebrity activists, now lending their voice and credibility to this growing movement.  The Occupy Wall Street movement is not a political movement, it is a movement representing the voice of American’s and others around the world, who have found their dreams lost, misrepresented, and stolen by the very systems entrusted to protect them, like the banking system, as an example.

Celebrity support echoes these facts, endorse the movement, and one celebrity creating action for positive change, is Hip Hop Artist and entrepreneur Russell Simmons. He by-passed the 2011 American Music Awards, to address the people of Occupy Wall Street’s Los Angeles General Assembly http://www.OccupyLosAngeles.org, http://www.occupylosangeles.org/  with his constitutional amendment proposal to ‘take the money out of Washington’ http://globalgrind.com/news/russell-simmons-announcement-occupy-wall-street-amendment-details-photos.

 Other music artists have come out and expressed their support for the Occupy movement all over the country. Appearing at Occupy communities have been David Crosby & Graham Nash, Bruce Springsteen, Tom Morello, Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry, Michael Franti, Russell Brands, Joan Baez, Boots Riley & the Coup, David Banner, Lupe Fiasco, Talib Kweli, Immortal Technique, Third Eye Blind, Esai Morales, Pink Martini and other famous artists, who all join the Occupy Wall Street movement in solidarity with its endeavors for a fair, just, transparent, thriving, sustainable world for all!

Original Occupy Wall Street organizer David Degraw http://www.ampedstatus.com, at a recent *Occupy the Dream* http://www.occupydream.org celebration honoring Martin Luther King Jr’s birthday, said *“When Dr. King was organizing the poor people campaign, there were not as many people living in poverty, as there are today in America. The inequality of wealth in America today, is worse than it was in Dr. Martin Luther King’s time, as insane as that sounds!” *Dr. Cesar Chavez, who worked with Dr. King, Simmons, along with other luminary clergy, are behind the vision of *Occupy the Dream,* re-inspiring Dr. King’s dream for a free America.

Dr. Chavez, Simmons and Dylan Ratigan of MSNBC *The Dylan Ratigan Show* http://www.dylanratigan.com, recently completed *Mathematics of Racism *together*. * Ratigan reports that *“there are more black and Hispanic men today in prison [in America], than we had slaves in 1850, no joke!” *These are the kind of facts the Occupy Wall Street movement protestors are objecting to, and simply are not okay anymore to ignore.

The Occupy Wall Street movement began on September 17, 2011 in NYC when a small group of protesters descended upon Wall Street in protest to the economic inequality and the irresponsibility that has led to our current financial crisis, with protesters saying *“Enough!”* These humble beginnings inspired a nation, and educated the hearts and minds of those who had not heard of these pressing issues burdening our economic future.  Themovement has now grown to over 3,500 cities worldwide, in protest of corporate greed, political, and banking corruption crippling America and the world at large.

Other breaking news at for the Occupy Wall Street movement is a new film making platform *Studio Occupy*  http://www.studiooccupy.org, officially adopted by Occupy Wall Street as ‘their’ tube, and is being used by film makers within the occupy movement in support of a new emerging media, never before seen, to not only share their films, shorts, documentaries, and trailers but to also edit raw footage on the go. *Studio Occupy* contains features supporting budding citizen journalists in their need to upload, edit, store, and share their stories.

The Occupy Wall Street movement speaks to people, deep within, and resonates with a core truth that we are all on this planet together, as one living people, one heart, and one humanity. The films emerging out of the Occupy movement bring everyone home to their heart, where integrity resides. America has just begun to witness the song a healed, free world is singing… and film tells the story!” Lisa Clapier

 Contact: Lisa Clapier – Occupy Wall Street Los Angeles, Media Producer – occupysundance@gmail.com




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