Non Profit Exhibition, Elephant Parade Debuts in Dana Point CA! – August 22nd

by Libby Lancaster


After a resounding success overseas, the international nonprofit organization will hold its first Elephant Parade in America. Elephant Parade was created back in 2006 to raise funding and awareness to helping these beautiful specimens. EP is an open-air public art exhibition of fiberglass elephant statues designed by celebrities and artists to be a part of this wonderful endeavor in the pursuit of saving these majestic animals.


The opening press launch will take place on August 22nd from 9:00 am – 12:00 pm at the St. Regis, Monarch Beach (1 Monarch Beachlowres_Elephant_w_SonaMIrzaei Resort Dr., Dana Point, CA 92629). Presented by The Resorts of Dana Point, Elephant Parade: Welcome to America will be on display in Dana Point, CA from August 22nd through November 2013. The elephant statues will be auctioned by Sotheby’s to benefit this amazing cause of saving endangered Asian elephants.


Artist Sona Mirzaei has been working on not one, but two elephants for the upcoming “Elephant Parade.” In addition to her solo elephant, ‘Triumph of Liberty,’ she has also worked on another one (‘Rothkofant’) with actor Daniel Benzali.


Since a child Mirzaei has always adored elephants and when she learned of their tragic circumstance in Asia this deepen her affection and devotion for them. A seasoned veteran, Sona has been involved with EP since 2010 for Copenhagen and Singapore’s Elephant Parade. She had the honor to be the only American female involved in both Elephant Parades.


“It’s pretty awesome that their committee loved my design of Triumph of Unity and asked me to share my artistry and dedication in playing a role in the American EP,”says Sona. “This is really thrilling since this is the first US Elephant Parade and in my home state, California. We really do care about the environment, nature, & animals, etc. so EP being here can make a huge impact for the cause since we have one of the largest populations in the world.” She will begin working on her elephant in July to be ready for this spectacular colorful exhibition of elephants this Fall.


“Dana Point is delighted to be selected as the first American city to showcase Elephant Parade,” said Johnny So, General Manager of the St. Regis, Monarch Beach. “The vibrant festival represents an unexpected, imaginative side of conservation and humanitarianism that is very much evident throughout our coastal community.”


The much anticipated exhibition connects acclaimed artists and celebrities with corporate and community leaders to attract public awareness and support for the world’s most majestic land mammals. Li Bingbing, Lily Tomlin and Loree Rodkin are among the supporters of the Elephant Parade.To date, Elephant Parade has raised more than $5 million for Asian elephant conservation and approximately 8 million people worldwide have experienced the expositions.


For more information about the Elephant Parade or Sona Mirzaei see websites




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