“Proof” by David Auburn Reviewed by Rosé Desena

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by David Auburn


Review by Rosé Desena


Aliah Whitmore, as director, brings this tender story alive with her skilled hand and great cast about a father and daughter who come to terms with both brilliance and insanity.


With a history of being mentally unstable herself, Catherine (Daniela Ruah) is insecure in her ability to deal with the emptiness she feels in the wake of her father’s death and begins to question of her own state of mind.  As she breaks down in her own emotional turmoil, she finds herself pushed even further by her older sister who has come into town for the funeral.  Catherine, a loner, seeks some much-needed confront from her father’s protégé, Hal (Dustin Seavey), who also happens to be examining her father’s extensive notebooks in hopes of proving and possibly solidifying the father’s reputation. Hal is very convincing as the intelligent nerdy type with a fond affection for the daughter of the lord and master who granted him his PhD.


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Daniela Ruah is perfect as the quick-witted and slightly sarcastic troubled daughter of Robert (James Whitmore). You can take the girl out of her regular gig on TV, but you can’t get her out of her snappy little attitude she exudes as Kinsey on NCIS-LA. It works just as well on the stage as she defends herself against her sister Claire (Aliah Whitmore).  Yes, you read right — not only does Whitmore direct, she also appears on stage herself (a task which is extremely difficult to pull off).  Whitmore does it very well. It’s not easy to move from TV to the stage; I was surprised to hear it was a debut for Daniela; she seemed very comfortable and snapped out her lines like a Broadway pro.


Proof13 5212


David Auburn (writer) takes the complex and questionable issue of hereditary insanity and wraps it into a neat package that keeps the audience waiting for the next layer of the onion to be peeled off.


Speaking of inheriting genes from our parents, James must have passed some of his talent off to his daughter Aliah, She is talented in both directing and acting, and a matter of fact, Jacob Whitmore is the production designer. I think I said this once before but I just can’t resist it. The family that plays together stays together.


So check this out I think you will really like it, Saturday nights at 8pm and Sundays at 3pm until May10th.



Writer: David Aurburn

Director: Aliah Whitmore

Cast: Daniela Ruah, James Whitmore, Dustin Seavey, Aliah Whitmore, 

Hayworth Theater, 2511 Wilshire Blvd Los Angeles Ca 

www.whitmoreeclectic.com for tickets





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