Protestors Take To The Streets In Los Angeles Against US and Israel Policies In Iran

February 4, 2012

Protestors took to the streets in Los Angeles and Westwood on Saturday to demonstrate and voice their opposition to US and Israel foreign policies regarding a possible conflict with Iran that are based suggestions Iran may be positioning itself to develop a nuclear bomb.



Many of the demonstrators voiced sharp criticism of poorly-founded foreign policies that would allow covert and overt operations in the Middle East in order to strengthen the agenda for power over that region’s oil.



Protestors also stated they want the US and other European powers to remove themselves from the Middle East completely, and to pursue a political and peaceful dialogue with Iran. Threats of an impending war in Iran, and operations that leave many people dead, will result in retaliation against those who begin the conflict, according to protestors, and should be avoided at all cost.



Demonstrators also pointed out that Israel has 200 nuclear weapons while Iran doesn’t have a single bomb or a suitable bomb delivery system. That Iran would be a threat to the stability of the Middle East is unlikely, protestors argued, who said they are concerned the Obama Administration seems to be echoing the Bush Administration’s position toward Iran.



The general message was this:

  • The US and all European war and covert interest should leave Iran.
  • All negotiations and actions with Iran should be of a peaceful nature.
  • The targeted murders of all Iranian  scientist should stop immediately.
  • If Israel has the capability and in fact has many nuclear arms, Iran should be able to have its defenses enhanced.
  • The money that would be spent on such operations could be better spent on programs in the US.
  • Diplomatic solutions should be used


The protests were generally peaceful, with the exception of one incident in which a protestor was crossing the street on a green light at Wilshire and Western and  LAPD officer determined that he was not moving fast enough. The protestor was briefly detained, given a citation, and then released.



The majority of demonstrators were regular “grass roots” citizens representing no particular group or affiliation.


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