Republican Rivals Become Romney Supporters – What A Surprise!

Los Angeles Post

Now that the Republican Party is beginning to finally concentrate on Mitt Romney as their presidential candidate, some of his fiercest Republican rivals are beginning to endorse him.  Michele Bachman officially gave her endorsement to Romney on Thursday, and New Gingrich, who was a bitter rival for much of the early campaign, officially ended his presidential campaign on Wednesday and expressed support for Romney at that time.

While those who don’t follow politics very much may wonder at the way rivals suddenly become supporters, it is not new to the way presidential politics work.  For instance, in the 2008 presidential race, Hilary Clinton was one of President Obama’s fiercest rivals but then endorsed him when her campaign came to an end.

In the current race, there are a number of Romney rivals who have now endorsed his nomination for the Republican candidate.

Gingrich launched a number of attacks ads early on and said the Republican Party would never nominate Romney.  As of Wednesday, he told CNN he wanted to campaign for Romney. 

In December, Michele Bachman was hitting Romney over the head for enacting socialized medicine when he was the governor and said he couldn’t beat Obama.  Now, she calls him America’s last chance.

During many Republican Party debates, Rick Perry and Romney often set sparks flying.  Last week Rick Perry said that Romney had earned the nomination through hard work.

John Huntsman was very critical of Romney and said it would be hard for the American people to trust him because of his tendency to switch sides on issues.  Now, he is considered a Romney endorser.

Rudy Giuliani, the former mayor of New York City waited until two weeks ago to express support for Romney.  Months ago he said he had never seen a man who flip-flopped so much.

Now that the Republican Party is gathering around Romney as the presidential nominee, you can expect to see more endorsements from many of Romney’s rivals.

Will the Obama campaign take hold of the past rivals comments and use this against Romney? What you’re your thoughts?


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