Review: How to Love a Black Man

by Peggy Freeman

A hypocritical Psychotherapist Therapist holds a two day symposium to teach men how to treat women. His efforts backfire when he is caught cheating by his wife, Juanita. Juanita and her best friend confront him at the symposium. Later she has to decide whether or not to forgive him.


Mrs. Juanita Andrews played by Rene Margary (writer, producer and director) is the wife of Dr. Aaron Andrews (Steve Davis). Their marriage appears to be normal on the surface and if the audience were to look at Juanita’s sweet disposition they would think nothing was wrong. However Juanita constantly nags Aaron to seek counseling because of his seven month long lack of affection towards her. When he refuses she calls her best friend Angela (Nei’Ce Knight Preuitt-assistant producer) for advice. Angela is the opposite of Juanita. She believes in a more worldly approach to marriage. However, together these best friends find solutions through songs and comical dialogue.


During the symposium Dr. Andrews sits at his desk, doing nothing while the attendees work out their own problems with various combative solutions that seem to get them nowhere. Each character has major issues which are displayed in hilarious dialogue and witty characters. Olif Terraine (Mesan Richardson) is a country player, who is married but has a fetish for women. His best friend Quandis James (Mikel Miller) is stuck on himself to the point that he carries a mirror around to constantly remind himself of how handsome he is. Then there is the nerd, Frank Martin (Peter Morse), who hides his identity to become more accepted by people. Momma’s boy, Lawrence Jones (Wallace Damaria), tries to come up with peaceful solutions while the Latin lover, Luise agitates the entire situation (Bill Porter). Meanwhile the east coast time bomb, Mikell Geeter (Mark Anthony Williams-assistant director) always wants to fight.


Once Juanita finds out Aaron is having an affair with his secretary Darnisa (Wednesday McKinney) she and Angela crash the symposium to expose him. They confront the promiscuous woman who flirts with all the men. They also confront Aaron who is highly embarrassed by the matter. The women take over the meeting and change the genre from How to Love a Black Man to How to Love a Black Woman (an upcoming sequel).


Two weeks later, Aaron goes back home to reconcile by using their daughter Kapri Andrews (Kapri E. Margary) as a pawn to get his wife back. That does not work, however Juanita agrees to pray about the reconciling and rekindling the relationship slowly.


How to Love a Black Man displays elements of truth in a seriously comical way. The acting is excellent and the dialogue is hilarious. Good music, casting and smooth transitions between scenes. How to Love a Black Man is good play with a wholesome message embedded and over the top funny. At the end of the play you are left looking forward to the sequel, How to Love a Black Woman. There is one more week-end left and for more information visit the website at


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