South Asian News – April 29, 2012

The Los Angeles Post considers and values news from all sources from all sources throughout the world. We are reporting what is printed or blogged from many sources and do not neccessarily agree with the views of the news sources. This will give our readers of how others see the world.


World news reported on as of April 29, 2012

US missile strike hits northwest Pakistan

­Suspected  US missile strike in northwest Pakistan has killed from two to six  militants, according to different sources, in the town of Miran Shah in  North Waziristan. Pakistani intelligence officials said two missiles hit  an abandoned girls’ school. This comes amid US attempts to rebuild its relationship with Pakistan, which  opposes the missile attacks and demands they stop.

Head of UN Syria mission arrives in Damascus

Norwegian General Robert Mood  has arrived in Damascus on Sunday, two days after his appointment as  chief military observer in Syria. The 54-year-old Norwegian is a veteran  of several Middle East conflicts, and was the head of a UN peacekeeping operation in Lebanon in the 1980s and the  head of the UN Truce Supervision Organization in 2009-2011. The first UN  observers from an extended 300-strong mission are expected to arrive in  Syria on Monday, said a spokesman for the UN mission, Neeraj Singh. The observers from the advance team are now  permanently stationed in major protest centers in the cities of Homs,  Hama, Deraa, Idlib, and Damascus.

­20 dead, many more wounded in head-on bus collision in India

Police officials said a head-on collision between two buses killed 20 passengers and injured at least 18 others in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh on Sunday. The wounded have been taken to a local hospital for treatment. India has the highest annual road death toll in the world, according to the World Health Organization, with accidents caused by speeding, careless driving and poor roads. Around 345 people a day died on the country’s roads in 2010, according to the last statistics released by the National Crime Records Bureau.

At least 15 killed in attack on Nigeria university

At least 15 people have been killed and many more wounded after gunmen attacked a university in Nigeria’s second largest city of Kano. The armed men reportedly attacked a lecture hall used by Christian worshippers. Witnesses on campus said they saw at least 15 body bags removed from the scene. The victims, although yet unidentified, are expected to be mostly students. No one has claimed responsibility for the attack so far, but Islamist sect Boko Haram has killed hundreds in bomb and gun attacks this year, some of which have targeted churches.

Sudan declares emergency in combat-torn border zone

Sudanese President Omar Hassan al-Bashir declared a state of emergency in some areas bordering South Sudan, a state-linked media website said on Sunday. This follows a week of cross-border clashes between the two rival countries.

Series of blasts and gunfire strike Nigerian university

­At  least 3 explosions and ongoing gunfire have been reported at Bayero  University campus in the Nigerian city of Kano on Sunday. The blasts  rocked  an area near a theater used by Christian students for religious  services. Residents also reported hearing gunfire. Details were not yet  clear, including whether there were casualties. No one has claimed  responsibility so far. In January Kano already became  a scene of bloodshed with some 180 killed in attacks carried out by the  Islamist group Boko Haram.


Russian oligarchs hit UK Rich List Top Three

­Steel  and mining magnate and Arsenal’s shareholder Alisher Usmanov and oil  tycoon and Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich have made it into the top  three  of The Sunday Times Rich List 2012 – the rating of the UK’s richest  people. Usmanov with  £12.3 Billion (slightly over US$20 Billion) ended  up second, Abramovich with £9.5 Billion (around US$15.5 Billion) is  third. Indian-born steel magnate Lakshmi Mittal  with £12.7 Billion (US$20.6 Billion) tops the list – again. The rating  is compiled by The Sunday Times annually onusing open-access information  and the paper’s own sources.


French TV reporter missing after FARC raid

­A  France 24 journalist is missing in Colombia after a police anti-drug  operation on Saturday. The officers tried to destroy cocaine  laboratories which are the main source of income for the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC)  rebel group. The Defense Ministry says four security officials have been  killed, a foreign journalist and four soldiers are missing after the  raid. The troops from the anti-narcotics brigade were confronted by a large, and heavily armed, guerrilla unit, it’s been  reported. The journalist, identified as Romeo Langlois, was  accompanying a military and police patrol. Colombian authorities have  launched a search operation for the missing. The group has been at war with the government for half a century, and is believed  to have about 9,000 fighters.


Grenade blast kills one, injures 15 in Kenya

A hand  grenade thrown at a church congregation killed at least one person and wounded at least 15 people,  Kenyan police reported. The attack happened in a working class area  of the capital Nairobi.


Bus crashes north of Tokyo killing 7, injuring over 30

­Seven passengers have died after a bus ran into the wall lining an expressway north of Tokyo, reports Japanese broadcaster NHK. Police say the deaths were caused by cardiac arrest. All the survivors were hurt; at least nine people sustained serious injuries. The bus, carrying 45 passengers and a driver, had left a town in central Japan on Saturday night and was en route to Tokyo Disneyland. It crashed around 5am on Sunday near a junction on the Kan-etsu expressway in Fujioka City, Gunma Prefecture.


British military setting up rooftop missile battery in upscale London neighborhood

­The British military has sent leaflets to residents of the upscale east London neighborhood of Bow Quarter saying it will be installing High Velocity Missile (HVM) systems on rooftops to protect the 2012 Olympic Games this summer. The move appears to be part of a plan set forth by Defense Secretary Philip Hammond last November, who said Britain would be installing surface-to-air missiles in London to safeguard Olympic events from an aerial attack. In 2008, China also installed missile systems in Beijing during the Olympics.


Saudi Arabia takes in Bin Laden family ‘on humanitarian grounds’

­Saudi Arabia has allowed the family of late al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden to enter its territory on “a humanitarian, legal and administrative basis,” Reuters quotes local media as saying.  Earlier this week the family was deported from Pakistan, where the world’s most wanted man was killed by US Special Forces almost a year ago. A Saudi official said bin Laden’s wives and children arrived in the kingdom on Thursday, but did not specify how many family members had arrived. Previous reports suggest that three widows, seven children and four grandchildren had been deported. “It is not appropriate to intrude on the privacy of the bin Laden family in the kingdom in any way,” stressed the official.


Mali’s junta rejects West African transition plan

­The military junta that seized power in Mali last month will not agree to extend the rule of an interim civilian government, junta leader Amadou Sanogo said during a meeting with mediators from the ECOWAS regional bloc. Sanogo stressed, though, that the junta will stick to an earlier plan signed with ECOWAS, which calls for power to be transferred to a civilian government for forty days with elections scheduled afterwards. The meeting was marred by soldier protests, during which armed servicemen chanted anti-ECOWAS slogans and said they would not cooperate with the regional bloc’s mediators. Mali has been torn apart by Islamists and secessionists since the coup.


One dies, dozens injured in Missouri tent collapse

­One person died and at least 100 were injured as rough winds blew over a large tent at Busch Stadium in St. Louis, Missouri. The man who died suffered a heart attack, says The St. Louis Post-Dispatch. According to KSDK News, 17 people were taken to hospital with five of them in critical condition. The rest were treated at the scene. On Saturday, a few hundred people gathered at the stadium to celebrate, as the Cardinals beat the Milwaukee Brewers earlier in the afternoon.


Spain to obstruct ECB protesters with Schengen suspension

­Madrid has temporarily restored border checks along its borders ahead of the upcoming European Central Bank (ECB) meeting in Barcelona. Spain says it is required to hold foreign protesters back from disrupting the meeting, which is set for May 3. The government fears an overflow of activists hoping to protest austerity measures implemented throughout Europe. The unprecedented travel restriction, which overrides the Schengen Protocol, will run until May 4. Schengen, which provides for the free movement of citizens among the 27 EU nations, can only be temporarily interrupted in the case of a serious threat to public order or national security.


Six dead and 16 injured in Pakistani violence

­At least six people have been killed and 16 others wounded in Karachi, Pakistan’s largest city, police said Saturday. The victims, which included several police officers, were attacked by unidentified men armed with hand grenades and a rocket launcher. Police described them as “terrorists.” Several arrests followed the attack. Law enforcement agencies met heavy resistance Friday as they moved against criminal elements in the area.


Bolivian sex workers hunger strike to support doctors

­Sex workers in the Bolivian city of El Alto declared a hunger strike on Saturday, demanding that authorities find a solution to a month-long doctors’ strike there.  The Bolivian doctors’ public action has caused many hospitals in the country to close down. About a dozen male and female sex workers crowded in the lobby of a health center chanting: “Useless [Health] minister, we want a solution!” They claim their personal health is at risk as they have not received their weekly check-ups for several weeks.  The law provides they receive obligatory weekly examinations at hospitals, free of charge. The protesters warn of a possible outbreak of STDs or HIV/AIDS if the situation continues. Some 45,000 sex workers are registered in Bolivia.


Sarkozy dares Strauss-Kahn to prove scandal was a setup

­French President Nicolas Sarkozy dared IMF ex-chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn to take legal action to prove allegations that “political enemies” ensured a sex scandal to destroy his shot at a presidential bid.  “I say to Strauss-Kahn: explain yourself with the judicial authorities and spare the French people your comments,” Sarkozy said on Saturday. Before his arrest in May, Strauss-Kahn topped the list of Socialist party nominees for president. He now tells The Guardianthat operatives linked to Sarkozy made sure that hotel maid Nafissatou Diallo went to the police to report sex abuse. Strauss-Kahn’s dramatic arrest in the New York, which followed the maid’s complaint, shattered his hopes of winning the presidency and forced his resignation from the IMF days later.

Five dead in airplane crash in Switzerland

­At least five people have been killed in a small airplane crash near the village of Tatroz in the western Swiss canton of Fribourg, a police spokesperson said. No one on the ground was hurt, though police are investigating whether an additional passenger was killed in the accident. The airplane was flying from a small airport near the city of Lausanne to an airstrip in Fribourg.

The Los Angeles Post considers and values news from all sources from all sources throughout the world. We are reporting what is printed or blogged from many sources and do not necessarily agree with the views of the news sources. This will give our readers of how others see the world.


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