Sacred Fools Theater Kicks Off 17th Season With a Launch Party


 Make your darkest dreams a reality with a spell-binding evening of high-tech
interactive games, immersive art installations, and seductive food and drink, all
inspired by the dark connections and surrealistic twists that bind the shows of
Sacred Fools Theater’s upcoming season.


 Are you human? Or are you an android?


 What is the meaning of your most private dreams?


 If you were offered a taste of something truly forbidden, would you proceed with
caution? Or gorge yourself?


 At Caught Darkly Dreaming, you’ll look inside yourself for the answers to these
questions and more. Whether you like what you find is your problem. But no matter
what, you’ll enjoy some of the most provocative entertainment this side of your
darkest dreamscape.


 The inventive engineers from Two Bit Circus will blow your mind with engaging,
computer-engineered gaming featuring Are Your Human or Are You an Android?


 A DJ set by Shok (Red Light District) will move your body.


 Plus: Spin the wheel of vagaries! Dare to visit the mysterious dream interpreter!
Eat and drink like there’s no tomorrow!


 And finally, enjoy a taste of Sacred Fools Theater’s 17th season with a video
installation from the Ovation and LA Weekly award-winning team of Ben Rock and
Anthony Backman, including a closer look at:


 ·      The West Coast premiere of Philip K. Dick’s sci-fi masterpiece Do Androids
Dream of Electric Sheep? as only award-winning director Jaime Robledo (Stoneface,
Watson) could imagine it.


 ·      The world premiere of Taste, directed by infamous horror-movie maestro
Stuart Gordon (ReAnimator). Inspired by a “ripped from the headlines” true story,
two men meet online and agree that one of them will kill, cook, and eat the other.
Prepare yourself for a delicious love story for the new millennium.


 ·      The World Premiere of the surreal true crime tale Bill & Joan, a
psychoactive trip into the mind of William S. Burroughs. Did Bill mean to shoot
his wife in the face? Or was it a dream gone horribly wrong?


 ·      The Los Angeles Premiere of the hilarious and heartbreaking Live! From The
Last Night of My Life, where a counter employee at the Gas and Get prepares for
his impending suicide with everything from deeply thoughtful conversations with a
nonexistent God to solid gold dancing. Will the revelation that life is indeed
glorious come in time to save him?


 One thing’s for sure…you’ll never be the same after you’ve been Caught Darkly
Dreaming. Tickets are $25 at the door, and $17 advance tickets are available
online only at:


 Caught Darkly Dreaming is the culmination of a summer-long fund-raising campaign
in which all funds raised will support Sacred Fools Theater’s 17th season of
incredible Main Stage productions, off-night and late night shows, workshops and
more. Guests can get teasers and sneak previews for the event by joining our
Facebook page at:


 Sacred Fools Theater is dedicated to creating and fostering a dynamic, empowered
artistic community in Los Angeles. Notable previous productions include the LA
Weekly 2013 “Production of the Year” Stoneface: The Rise and Fall of Buster
Keaton, the award-winning action-comedy Watson, the ongoing late-night episodic
extravaganza Serial Killers, the award-winning musical Louis & Keely, and recent
hit Absolutely Filthy, which followed up its smash run with a reprise at the
Hollywood Fringe Festival where audiences voted it Top of the Fringe. (Find a
complete list of our awards here: Run solely by the ensembled artists, the
company’s upcoming 17th season continues its ongoing commitment to the
development of new plays and projects which challenge traditional expectations of
the theatrical experience. Its goal is to produce work which invigorates,
enlightens and entertains.



 WHERE: Sacred Fools Theater, 660 N. Heliotrope Dr., Hollywood, CA 90004

 WHEN: Saturday August 24th 8pm until you wake


 DeAnne Millais - Producer

 Addi Gaash - Co-Producer

 Bob DeRosa - Associate Producer, Community Relations

 Richard Miraan - Associate Producer, Art and Installations

 Mandi Moss - Associate Producer, Staff Management

 Jaime Puckett - Associate Producer, Food Services

 Shaunessy Quinn - Associate Producer, Set/Strike/Facilities Management

 Alex Zola - Associate Producer, Bar and Beverage

 Rebecca Larsen - Consultant / Liaison, Season 17 Artistic Directors

 Padraic Duffy - Managing Director



 Bob DeRosa

 Associate Producer, Community Relations

 (818) 749-8478

 Alex Zola

 Sacred Fools Theater

 Publicity Manager

 (646) 234-5402




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